[ Seth Lister Mosley, Yorkshire naturalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed, regarding his plan to employ 'over 100 Board School Children' in 'Natural History Observations', and a natural history periodical 'got up & printed' by his children.

S. L. Mosley [ Seth Lister Mosley ] (1847-1929), Yorkshire naturalist, curator of the Huddersfield Technical College Museum, Keighley Museum, Tolson Memorial Museum
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On letterhead of the Huddersfield Naturalist Society. Huddersfield, 10 November 1885.
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2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. An attractive letterhead, with lithographed engravings along the head of 'Argonauta Argo', 'Melanippe Hastata' and 'Veronica Officinalis'. A vigorous letter, the recipient of which is not named. He begins by stating that he has 'handed the two “Garners” to our Society'. He has 'for some time had a Phen. Sta. here (Beaumont Park Museum) & should be glad to work in co-operation with others. I have a society of over 100 Board School Children some of the older ones of which might be useful.' He gives an example, with sample entry in red ink, of a plan for a 'printed form' of 'Natural History Observations' he had thought of supplying the children with. He asks the recipient to suggest any improvement to be received 'before I print the papers for the new year; I think it would be best to have one uniform plan for all stations.' The final paragraph reads: 'In a few days I will send for all the numbers of the “Natural History Teacher,” which is got up & printed almost entirely by my two children (girl 12 & boy 10). If agreeable I should be glad to exchange monthly for the “Garner” or to exch. Advertisement, but some time ago I was drawn into an unpleasant difficulty with Bowers Bros. through Mr. Robson of Hartlepool & perhaps they will not care to co-operate so far with me.'