[Martin Farquhar Tupper on spiritualism: 'These things are true, however ridiculous' .] Autograph Letter Signed ('Martin F. Tupper.') to P. P. Alexander, praising his booklet on 'Spiritualism', with reference to Sir William Crookes.

Martin Farquhar Tupper (1810-1889), poet and author, best known for his 'Proverbial Philosophy' [P. P. Alexander [Patrick Proctor Alexander] (1823-1886); Sir William Crookes; Samuel Carter Hall]
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Cecil House, Eastbourne. 11 January 1872.
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The subject of the letter is the 1871 Edinburgh reprint of Alexander's Cornhill magazine article 'Spiritualism: A Narrative with a Discussion'; with reference to the future Sir William Crookes, whose articles on the subject in the Quarterly Journal of Science would be collected in the 1874 pamphlet 'Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism'. Tupper asks to be excused 'this intrusion, - especially if you happen not to know the name of the undersigned', but cannot help complimenting Alexander on his 'little Essay “Spiritualism”'. Tupper has had 'precisely the same experiences (but more of them, especially of the “planchette” sort)', and he has 'come to much the like conclusions. These things are true, however ridiculous; & we must try to find out laws of Nature of the psychological sort beyond our present knowledge'. He presumes that Alexander has 'communicated with Mr. Crookes – as a leader in the investigation', by whom Alexander's 'booklet' would be 'appreciated […] as also by Mr. Carter Hall'. He continues: 'I personally have not put myself forward, but what I have seen & heard I know to be facts have convinced me that “these things are so” - however to be explained'.