[Philip Larkin, poet.] Typed Letter Signed ('P. A. Larkin') to Michael Dawson, offering to bear in mind his invitation to produce a poem for the Ilkley Festival.

Philip Larkin [Philip Arthur Larkin] (1922-1985), English poet associated with 'The Movement', novelist and librarian at the University of Hull [Michael Dawson and the Ilkley Festival]
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On his letterhead as Librarian, The University of Hull. 13 September 1972.
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1p., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. He begins by thanking him for his letter 'about the possibility of a poem in connection with your Ilkley Festival next Easter'. He doubts whether, even if he promised to do so, he would be 'able to produce anything', but asks to be informed of the deadline, so that he can 'keep the suggestion in mind in case any idea turns up that could be bent to your purpose'.