[Hall Caine: business papers.] 21 items: letters from William Heinemann; R. Golding Bright (of Marbury's) and Ripley Hitchcock (of D. Appleton & Co); with legal and banking documents.

Hall Caine [Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine] (1853-1931), Isle of Man author [William Heinemann, London publisher; R. Golding Bright (of Miss E; Ripley Hitchcock (of D. Appleton & Co, New York); Manx Bank
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London, New York, Manchester and the Isle of Man. Dating from between 1890 and 1907.
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The 21 items are in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: ALS from HC's London publisher William Heinemann. 1 January 1890. 4pp., 12mo. Regarding the 'draft of agreement', the printing of HC's book ('I shall of course announce it in the Athenaeum before & do all I can to “work the oracle” & to create a rush at Mudie's when the book is out.'), a visit he has paid to 'Mr Mudie'. TWO: TLS from R. Golding Bright, 'London Representative' of New York dramatic agent Miss Elisabeth Marbury. 4 July 1904. 2pp., 4to. With envelope addressed to HC at the Hotel Caspar Badrett, St Moritz. Explaining why HC's 'returns from America are behindhand' ('Only by to-day's mail I have rececived a letter from Miss Geary saying that she is doing her utmost to get the money from Liebler's, who are giving her a great deal of trouble.' Regarding HC's play 'The Prodigal Son' Bright writes: 'I propose to try the play with Forbes Robertson, who seems to me ideal from the point of view of Magnus, while his wife I think could get through the greater part of Thora with Charm and something more than credit, and also with Arthur Collins, […]'. With TN, 30 December 1905, written on Bright's behalf. THREE: TLS from Ripley Hitchcock of D. Appleton and Company, New York. 16 November 1900. In envelope. 1p., 4to. Regarding 'the Collier contracts' ('Mr. Collier makes a request which I forward, namely; that he be allowed in serial publication to entitle the novel “The Roman”, A Tale of the Eternal City. He prefers “The Roman” as more personal, and also because it conforms to your previous titles. I take it you will not agree to this but I am asked to place the request before you.'). FOUR: TN signed with initials from E. Hulton & Co of Manchester. FIVE: Three manuscript letters from HC's Castletown solicitors Gell & Gell. 1896, 1897 and 1900. The second 're Goldsmiths mortgage' and the third 're Gilbert'. SIX: Seven documents from the Isle of Man Banking Company, including Manuscript Letter signed by G. W. Dean, Agent and four paying-in slips. SEVEN: Receipts from: The Union of London & Smiths Bank, London (2) and Dumbell's Banking Company, Limited, Isle of Man. With two paying-in slips from the Manx Bank, and a dividend counterfoil from the Isle of Man Railway Company.