Warrant (commission), signed by the King ('George R.'), 'Bute', 'Thos Tyrwhitt' and 'John A F Hesse', appointing 'John Tonyn Esqr: Captain Lieutenant, in the Fifteenth Regiment of (or Light.) Dragoons, commanded by Major General Elliott.'

King George III of Great Britain; John Stuart (1713-1792), 3rd Earl of Bute; Thomas Tyrwhitt (1730-1786), literary editor and critic; John Adam Frederick Hesse (1716-83) [John Tonyn]
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'Given at Our Court at St: James's the Twenty Ninth Day of March 1762, in the Second year of Our Reign [29 March 1762]'.
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On one side of a piece of vellum, dimensions 30.5 x 41 cm. Neatly folded to make eight rectangles. Red wax beneath paper square in top left-hand corner, embossed with the royal seal. Above this is the King's signature, in what Rawlins ('Four Hundred Years of British Autographs', p.53, no.4) describes as 'un uncommon form'. Three blue 2s 6d stamps in left-hand margin. Small paper stamp on the reverse, which is docketed 'John Tonyn Esqre. | Captain Lieutenant. | In the Fifteenth Regiment (or Light) Dragoons, commanded by Major General Elliott'. Text entirely legible on stained and lightly aged vellum. The body of the document is printed over thirteen lines, with the specific information added in manuscript. Begins 'George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &ca: To Our Trusty and Welbeloved John Tonyn Esqr:' In manuscript at foot: 'Entered with the Secretary at War | [signed] Thos Tyrwhitt' and 'Entered in the Office of Thomas Gore Esqr. Comry Genl of Musters. | [signed] John A F Hesse'. Bute's signature in bottom right-hand corner, beneath 'By His Majesty's Command'. From the Paterson and Tonyn family papers.