[Rebecca West expresses sadness over 'Black Lamb and Grey Falcon'.] Autograph Card Signed ('Rebecca West') to an unnamed party, making interesting comments on the book, and remarks on her view of history.

'Rebecca West', pseudonym of Dame Cicely Isabel Andrews [née Fairfield] (1892-1983), author and critic, lover of H. G. Wells and Charlie Chaplin
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On letterhead of Ibstone House, Ibstone, Nr High Wycombe, Bucks. 30 August 1956.
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Written on both sides of a card (not a postcard), and with twenty-one lines of closely written text amounting to the equivalent of an average-sized letter. In fair condition, lightly-aged, with signature slightly smudged. An excellent letter concerning her 'Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia' (1941), described by Larry McMurtry as one of the 'few great travel books'. West begins by stating that she was 'greatly cheered' by the recipient's 'charming letter', which she found on her return from Switzerland ('where I spent such a lot of hard currency on uninterrupted thunderstorms and rain!'). She continues: 'I cannot think of Black Lamb any more – so much has happened to the people in the book – and it consoles one that some of the happiness they and I had together is enjoyed by other people. (I don't mean I try to forget any friends because it went ill with them but I have a deeper knowledge of them now which overlays the other.)' She feels that 'the understanding' the recipient shows 'of what I tried to do in that book and whatever understanding I showed of the things that interest you is perhaps due to the fact that we are nearly of an age (I am sixty three) and that we have turned over so many pages of history in our time'. She always feels that her 'juniors' are ignorant of 'something which I find an essential piece of knowledge – because they don't remember what life was like before 1914. It's a terrible advantage we have, but an advantage all the same!'