[Ordhendra Coomar Gangoly, editor.] Number of ''Rupam An Illustrated Quarterly Journal of Oriental Art Chiefly Indian', Calcutta, India' [with seven plates, including two collotypes of a Mathura statuette, and two reproductions from a signed Molârâm.

Ordhendra Coomar Gangoly (1881-1974), editor, 'Rupam An Illustrated Quarterly Journal of Oriental Art Chiefly Indian' [later 'The Journal of the Indian Society of Oriental Art'], Calcutta, India
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[The Indian Society of Oriental Art, Calcutta.] No. 2. April 1920. Editorial Office: No. 7, Old Post Office Street, Calcutta, India.d
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It would appear that 44 numbers of the magazine appeared under Gangoly's editorship between 1920 and 1930. In 1933, with new editor Stella Kramrisch, it was renamed 'The Journal of the Indian Society of Oriental Art', and in 1965 it ceased publication. Copies are now uncommon, and this item is possibly a trial number as, according to COPAC, 'Vol. 1 contains issues numbered 1 (July 1920) and 2 (Oct. 1920) only', yet this number is described on the title-page as No. 2 of April 1920, the date being repeated on the cover. This number is [4] + 23pp., 4to. Stapled. Frontispiece advertisement on shiny paper for the Indian Society of Oriental Art, Calcutta, and seven plates: two excellent collotypes of the Mathura Statuette (see below), each with a tissue guard; two black and white plates, and one in olive tint, all on shiny paper; two small coloured reproductions from the signed Molârâm (see below), one tipped in onto a leaf of brown paper, and the other on red paper. In card wraps covered in yellow paper wrapping, with title and editor's name enclosed in a red ink design. Prelims detached from body of volume, which is itself detached from the heavily-worn binding, which has a small scrap of paper with manuscript pasted to cover, rusted staples. Contents: 'A Brass Statuette from Mathura'; 'Art and Craftsmanship. By Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy'; 'The Continuity of Pictorial Tradition in the Art of India [Conclusion]. By E. Vredenburg'; 'A Signed Molârâm. By Pundit Chandradhar Guleri'; 'A Vaishanavaite Madonna. By Sushil Banerjee'; 'A Buddhist Image from Burma'; 'Indian Art and Iconography. By Brindavan C. Bhattacharya'; 'Review'.