[Margaret Ashton, Manchester suffragist and local politician.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Margaret Ashton') to 'Mr Armstrong' [the journalist George Gilbert Armstrong], regarding 'suffrage work' and 'the N[orth] W[est] Manchester Bye Election'

Margaret Ashton (1856-1937), suffragist, local politician, pacifist and philanthropist, the first woman City Councillor for Manchester [George Gilbert Armstrong (1870-1945), radical journalist]
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On letterhead of 8 Kinnaird Road, Withington, Manchester. 25 July 1912.
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1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. She asks if he is 'able to give us any time for speaking open air during the N W Manchester Bye Election. It looks as if our Suffrage work would be propaganda only but we mustn't lose the chance. We shall open a C[ommi]ttee room on Monday'. She asks him to 'drop me a line' at 'the office 16 Deansgate – giving possible dates'. Ashton was the first woman to run for election to Manchester City Council, being elected in 1908 the first female City Councillor at Manchester Withington. From the Armstrong papers.]