[E. A. Abbott, mathematician and author of 'Flatland'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edwin A. Abbott') to 'Bushell' [Rev. William Done Bushell], regarding dangers faced by the Protestant and Reformed Churches, Newman and Huxley, and a 'new truth'.

Edwin A. Abbott [Edwin Abbott Abbott] (1838=1926), mathematician, headmaster of the City of London School and theologian, author of the science fiction book Flatland [Rev. William Done Bushell]
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On letterhead of Wellside, Well Walk, Hampstead, N.W. [London] 2 March 1903.
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4pp., 16mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with minor traces of stub adhering to margin. A long letter written in a close hand. He has been much preoccupied with 'the danger/ Bushell mentions in his letter, 'of breaking up the foundations of the Protestant Churches', and feels that '[a]nother metaphor might be breaking open the sheath so that the bud may expand into leaf and flower'. He discusses the freedoms of the 'Reformed Churches', which 'must accept their dangers as well as their privileges'. With regard to 'the Church of Rome', he has 'studied its effect in the Newman literature', and describes the conclusions that he has come to. 'It is getting worse and worse. The Mariolatry on the Continent is, I suppose, as bad as in the Middle ages, or worse with less excuse. Newman himself, at times was heartily ashamed of it, and though he himself felt he could have no peace except in Rome he was far from desiring Anglicans, who had not his yearnings, and even some who had – to follow his example.' He suggests what God might say when 'Newman and Huxley stand at the Bar on the Great Day', and ends by stating that he believes that 'we are on the eve of finding out new truth whereby the essentially Divine Nature of Christ will be manifested to me with a new force so as to revivify the Church'.