[Margaret Bondfield, British Labour politician, the first British female cabinet minister.] Typed Letter Signed ('Margaret G Bondfield'), as Minister of Labour, to Rev. Paul Gliddon of Highgate, regarding an invitation to give an address.

Margaret Bondfield [Margaret Grace Bondfield] (1873-1953), British Labour politician and women's rights activist, the first female cabinet minister and privy counsellor in the UK
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On letterhead of the Ministry of Labour, Whitehall, London. 19 June 1924.
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1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Having returned from Geneva, she has just seen his letter 'asking me to give one of the Lunch Hour addresses at Christ Church'. She would be 'very willing to do so', but fears that the arrangements she has already made 'covering some months ahead' mean that she will not be able to settle the details before the end of spring. She asks him to write 'towards the close of the year, and I then hope I shall know whether I am in this world or the next!'. At the time of writing, she was a member of Ramsay Macdonald's short-lived Labour Government (January to November 1924). Presumably her commitments in this Government influence her writing.