[The Abadan Crisis and the British Foreign Office.] Two typewritten Foreign Office briefing documents (two 'RESTRICTED') for British Army 'R.A.E.C. Instructors', including 'A general note on Persia and the Persian oil question' and 'Persia - Oil Di

The Abadan Crisis and the British Foreign Office [Anglo-Iranian Oil; Persia; Persian]
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[British Foreign Office, Whitehall, London.] Main document by 'GSI | 29 May 51' [29 May 1951]
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The three items are in good condition, lightly aged and worn. From a batch of Foreign Office documents, including material from the Information Research Department (for whose activities, financed from the budget of the Special Intelligence Service, otherwise MI6, see The Times, 17 August 1995; and also Michael Cullis's obituary of Sir John Peck in the Independent, 20 January 1995). The purpose of the material would appear to have been to prepare British Army officers for the possibility of armed intervention in Persia following the nationalisation of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. ONE: Duplicated typescript titled 'A general note on Persia and the Persian oil question', by 'GSI | 29 May 51'. [1] +12pp, foolscap 8vo. At end of last page: 'GSI | 29 May 51'. Each of the twelve pages of text headed 'RESTRICTED'. Stapled into buff card folder, with the title printed (rather than typewritten) on the cover. Divided into 31 numbered paragraphs, in three sections with a total of fifteen subheadings: 'Introduction' ('Topography and climate', 'History of modern Persia', 'The government', 'The people', 'Economic and financial conditions'); 'Oil industry' ('Refining and production', 'Importance to Persia', 'History', 'Effect of nationalising the oil industry', 'Importance to Great Britain'); 'Review of recent events' ('Supplemental Oil Agreement', 'Assassination of General Razmara', 'Oil Nationalisation Bill', 'The British Case', 'Conclusion'). No copy of this item found on either OCLC WorldCat or COPAC (no copy in the Columbia University Law School collection of 23 pamphlets relating to the affair), nor any reference to it discovered. TWO: Duplicated typescript ('current affairs' information sheet) titled 'Persia – Oil Dispute'. 8 + [1]pp, foolscap 8vo. Stapled, but with the last leaf (carrying the appendix) loose. Begins with lengthy quotation from 'a very comprehensive statement on Persia and Oil Supplies' made on 1 May 1951 by 'the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr Herbert Morrison)'. The last (unpaginated) page carries notes and information (including Moussadek's cabinet and 'Oil Facts and Figures'), headed 'PERSIA – OIL DISPUTE Appendix A'. Stapled at the front of the document is a covering duplicated typescript on a slip, with facsimile signature of Major P. V. Lewis ('S.O. (Edn) 11 HQ. 1 Inf. Div.') of 'HQ. 1 Inf. Div., M.E.L.F.I.', addressed to 'C.Os. List. | and All R.A.E.C. Instructors'. Under the subject heading 'Current Affairs', the covering note reads: 'Ref our Edn/19 dated 17 Mar. '51. | Herewith special issue of current affairs topic - “Persia – Oil Dispute”.'