[ J.G. Pfister; Numismatics ] Autograph Letter Signed "J.G. Pfister" to C. Roach Smith, fellow-numismatist, on an abstruse "coin" issue., a "fibula" (broach or clasp)

J.G. Pfister, Numismatist, author of "Stray Leaves from the Journal of a Traveller in Search of Ancient Coins".
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British Museum, 18 January 1856.
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One page, 12mo, fold marks, grubby but text clear and complete. "It appears to me that the fibula [broach or clasp] in question is of the XIthe century, and represents a still ruder imitation of the rude Munus Divinus of Louis-Le-Debonaire. It was for several centuries the custom in France, that all sort of coins or imitations of coins in all the different metals, bearing portraitrs with names, or religious legends & were given as mariage presents. And of course such gifts served also for other sacred and religious ceremonies. And afterwards formed into fibulae [an addition in smaller hand]. | I may also yet observe, suppose a Person's name was Ludovicus, I do not see why he should not have presented /: [?] in those days -:/ [?] such a fibula according to circumstances either in gold, silver, or copper to his betrothed."