[ J.C. Reil; psychiatry ] Autograph Medical Opinion Signed "Reil". IN GERMAN.

Johann Christian Reil, (1759–1813), German physician, physiologist, anatomist, and psychiatrist. He coined
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16 November 1804
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Two and a half closely-written pages, folio, bifolium, some foxing and staining but text clear and complete. Summary/translation: "Opinion of Oberbergrat Reil in Halle 16.11.1804, received 18.11". The symptoms of the female patient resemble those of tetanus. He has often observed them in girls during puberty; the patients have all survived but are ill for 2-3 months. | He considers that the treatment the patient is receiving is entirely appropriate but has a number of further questions and suggestions: 1) From the course of the seizures he suspects an origin in the "sympathetic nerves" and wonders whether an abdominal irritation is present.2) He approves of the bleeding and suggests increased intensity. Care must be taken that the patient does not acquire permanent damage in the course of the seizures.3) He recommends the mildest possible medications.4) He suggests a "semicapia" (semi-bath) of water, milk and wheatgerm.At the conclusion of the illness care must be taken to reduce the irritability of the nervous system which he considers to be inherited, the patient being the daughter of the wife of Major von Schütz. For this reason he would like to meet the patient in person.  Part-image available.