[Sir Ernest Satow, scholar, diplomat and Japanologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ernest Satow.') to 'Mr. Wheeler' on Japanese issues

Sir Ernest Satow [Sir Ernest Mason Satow] (1843-1929), British scholar, diplomat in Japan and elsewhere and Japanologist
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On letterhead of Beaumont, Ottery St Mary. 8 January 1908.
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3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. As Wheeler is aware, Satow 'left Japan in 1900', and is therefore 'ignorant of the legislation that has taken place since that date'. He does not know of 'any law forbidding the importation of foreign labourers into Japan. The only country from which labourers, as distinguished from artisans, would be likely to come to Japan is China'. Satow is under the impression that a commercial treaty between the two countries, negotiated in 1896 or 1896, carries 'some provision regulating the access of Chinese subjects to the interior of Japan, which would have the same effect as a prohibitory law.' He explains that Japan 'does not allow foreigners to own mines or agricultural land or forests', and he believes that the country also prohibits 'their ownership of railway shares. These sources of wealth are reserved for Japanese.' In Satow's view, 'the real answer to all those who would insist on the propriety of allowing restricted competition on the part of alien labourers with the native-born population' is for Japan to act like countries 'like the United States, Canada and Australia', where 'their labour is the principal source of wealth for the large majority of the population, and it does not seem unreasonable that those countries should desire to reserve it for their own people'.