[Thomas Downey, artist, illustrator and cartoonist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Yours to command | Thos. Downey') to 'Mr. Bramley', on a number of topics, including references to Charles Coborn; Attilio Comelli; Alfred Concannon; Alfred Bryan.

Thomas Downey, English artist, illustrator, caricaturist and cartoonist [Charles Coborn; Attilio Comelli; Alfred Concannon; Alfred Bryan]
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55 Alexandra Road, Hendon, NW4 [London]. 21 December 1945.
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Considering his involvement in the artistic world of late-Victorian and Edwardian London – exemplified by the present letter – there is a puzzling lack of information available on Downey. 1p, 8vo. In fair condition, aged and creased, with nicking to edges. An interesting letter, full of content. He writes that he has had 'a rather grim time lately', his sister having fallen ill and died that week. 'The Funeral arrangements & the Christmas projects have rather occupied our minds.' He continues, with reference to Attillio Comelli [Attilio Giuseppe de Comelli von Stuckenfeld] (1858-1925), house designer to the Royal Opera House, and Alfred Concannon (1835-86), illustrator of the covers of popular musical scores: 'I of course recollect the drawings of Comelli, but my memory does not further refresh the subject. Alfred Bryan [illustrator (1852-1899), born Charles Grineau] had I think some examples, as he did also of the song book cover artist Concannon – I have several of these myself – but it is only folks like you & I that are really interested.' One of his drawings has apparently appeared without acknowledgement in the Daily Mail, and he writes: 'Yes, I saw the Daily Mail sketch, they might have acknowledged the artist, but I did not bother – I expect Charlies relatives handed to them from his abundant collection.' He concludes with a reference to the music hall entertainer Charles Coborn [Colin Whitton McCallum (1852-1945)], who had died in the previous month: 'Coborn was an old pal of mine. We have tramped together.'