[Royal East India Volunteers, London.] Autograph Regimental Orders for 1st Regiment, Signed by 'H Dickinson Capt & Adjt of Regt | R. E. S. V.', 'By Command of Colonel Scott' [i.e. David Scott, East India Company director and chairman]

Royal East India Volunteers, London [David Scott (1746-1805), Scottish merchant, Director and Chairman of the East India Company and MP; Captain Henry Dickinson; Charles Lamb; India House]
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'1st Regt. R. E. I. V. [i.e. Royal East India Volunteers, London]'. 31 January 1800.
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According to 'The Correspondence of David Scott, Director and Chairman of the East India Company', C. H. Phillips ed. (1951), two regiments of Royal East India Volunteers were formed in 1796, 'to defend the City of London. They were largely recruited from the India House staff, and Scott acted as Colonel of the first regiment'. This is the period during which the celebrated essayist Charles Lamb was working at India House. See also Margaret Makepeace, 'The Royal East India Volunteers: The ‘Union of Civil and Military Dependence’ (2010). The document is 1p, 8vo., and headed 'Regt Ors. | 31st January 1800 | 1st Regt. R.E.I.V.' Signed at foot: 'By Command of Colonel Scott | H Dickinson Capt & Adjt of Regt. | R.E.I.V.' In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Sixteen pages of text, relating to six soldiers: 'Serjeant Wm Parry of the Grenadiers' ('relieved from further attendance on Military duty', 'on account of his frequent indisposition which renders him incapable of Service'); 'Serjt. Wm. Ekelso of the Grenadier Company' ('appointed to take charge of the Arms Accoutrements Cloathing & Appointments belonging to the Grenadier Second & Fifth Companies and relieved from attendance on the parade till further Orders'); 'Serjts Wm Hamilton of the 4th Company & Corbett Edwards of the 6th Company'; Corporal Charles Parker of the 3rd Company' and 'Private Robert Draper'.