[General Sir William Stephen Alexander Lockhart, Commander in Chief in India.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. S. A. Lockhart') to 'Mrs. Johnson', regarding 'the Memoir of the late Major Johnson' and the good reports of her two sons.

General Sir William Stephen Alexander Lockhart (1841-1900), Commander in Chief in India, who commanded against the Afridis and Mohmands, and conducted the Tirah Expedition
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Simla; 6 September 1899. On red oval government letterhead of the Commander in Chief in India.
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4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with traces of tape from mount adhering to one edge, and overlapping onto loop of last letter of Lockhart's signature. Folded once. Expansive stylized signature. He is obliged to her for sending him 'the Memoir of the late Major Johnson'. He intended to postpone his reply to her letter until after he finished reading the book, but he is too busy to 'read it through for a few days – and meanwhile you might wonder that you received no acknowledgment'. A 'cursory glance' indicates that the book will please and interest him. He turns to her two sons, both of whom are 'well reported on'. He has 'just looked up their record', and he will be 'happy to advance them if I ever get an opportunity of so doing'. Simla was the summer capital of the Raj, and Lockhart maintained a residence there named 'Snowdon'.