[Sir Vivian Fuchs, Antarctic explorer.] Typed Letter Signed ('V. E. Fuchs') to R. Mursell, regarding 'the Wardroom picture of the Queen in the JOHN BISCOE'.

Sir Vivian Fuchs [Sir Vivian Ernest Fuchs] (1908-1999),Antarctic explorer who in 1958 led the first expedition to cross Antarctica
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15 May 1973. On his letterhead as Director of the British Antarctic Survey, London.
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1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged. He does not remember 'whether the Wardroom picture of the Queen in the JOHN BISCOE is signed or not. If it is signed, we have to return it to the Palace when it is replaced. If it is not signed, I would have no objection to you acquiring it, but this is a matter for the Captain to decide. He, too, would decide what charge should be made, but I would expect this to be small.' He discusses the possibility of changing the picture for a colour one, before advising against acquiring a portrait of the queen 'from authorized photographers', as 'it would then be quite expensive'. Anthony Tucker, in his Guardian obituary (13 November 1999), summed up Fuchs's achievements: 'Famous as the leader of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1957-58, during which he met Sir Edmund Hillary at the South Pole and carried out research which established the existence of a huge continental land mass beneath the polar ice cap, Sir Vivian Fuchs [...] was one of the great adventurers, scientist-explorers and expedition organisers of our time. He was director of the Falklands Islands Dependencies Survey from its creation in 1947 and, from 1958-73, the continuing director of its successor, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). His life spanned a period of massive transition in the nature and purposes of exploration.'