[Drinkwater Meadows, actor.] Autograph Letter Signed [to the actor Henry Leigh Murray], regarding the receipt of a card for a private box at Drury Lane from Charles Kean, and his serving 'on the Grand Jury at Clerkenwell Sessions House'.

Drinkwater Meadows (c.1799-1869), actor at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London [Henry Leigh Murray and Charles Kean, actors]
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'Monday' [no date or place, but written on 18 August (no year) from London].
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See Meadows' entry in the Oxford DNB. The recipient of the letter is not named, but it comes from the album of the actor Henry Leigh Murray, which also contained a letter regarding a theatre box from Charles Kean (offered separately). 1p, 12mo. 1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of grey paper mount on reverse, and slight discolouration at corners from glue. Written with mock-pomposity, and beginning: 'My dear Sir | I hereby give you notice that Mr C. Kean has delivered unto me a Card for a Private Box for to-morrow Augt. 19th. (Tuesday) You will therefore be pleased to reserve and dispose of the same as shall appear unto you most fitting'. He asks him to bear in mind that 'this day fortnight I was on the Grand Jury at Clerkenwell Sessions House - was proposed as Foreman - declined the honor - cannot, I believe be summon'd again on that account for Three years, "according to Law" -'. Accompanying the letter is a newspaper cutting, dated 18 June 1869, reporting Drinkwater's death 'on Saturday last'.