[W. J. Loftie, antiquarian and historian of London.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. J. Loftie') to 'Haig' [the artist Axel Herman Haig], regarding 'Bombay vases' and his planned trip to India.

W. J. Loftie [William John Loftie] (1839-1911), Irish clergyman, antiquarian and historian of London, editor of the People's Magazine [A. H. Haig [Axel Herman Haig] (1835-1921), Swedish-born artist]
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11 October 1899; 3A Sheffield Terrace, W. [London]
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1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Thirteen lines of closely-written text in a somewhat affected hand. Addressed to 'My dear Haig'. He has wanted to thank him for his trouble in 'bringing over [from India?] those beautiful Bombay vases for my wife', and to ask him to let him pay his wife's debt. The vases 'are admirably chosen and please me very much'. He next turns to 'the arms', with which 'Chaplis seems to be succeeding very well'. He adds: 'What a quantity you brought.' It would be worth Haig's while to visit 'the Collection at the India Museum, South Kensington'. He is thinking of 'making my start' (for India) at the end of the month, and asks Haig to let him 'know about the Jars' before he leaves.