[ Blanaid Salkeld; Irish writer ] Autograph A Poem. Contribution (extracted) to an Album with the subject Happiness, Signed Blanaid Salkeld.

Blanaid Salkeld [ Blánaid Salkeld (1880 – 1959), Irish poet, dramatist, and actor.
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[ Other contributions dated 1940-41 ].
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Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. Text: Courage can always better. Let the fatalist | Cry, I have done. | Every poet in his degree is an optimist. | 'The star to its appointed height.' But man's strange spirit - | What seer dares to froeshadow worlds it may inherit? | The spirit's measure is its hoping. May none twist | The poet's wild directions! If his dream persist, | ll can be won. Note: Googlebooks directs me to The Fox's Covert - Page cxxi, hence published (1935).