[Jocelyn Herbert [Lousada], stage designer] Autograph Contribution (extracted) to an Album with individuals writing on the subject Happiness, Signed Jocelyn Lousada.

Jocelyn Lousada nee Herbert (1917 – 2003), highly influential British stage designer.]
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No place given but dated 7 Feb. 1946.
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Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. A full page headed What is Happiness, continuing, Happiness in the abstract is indefinable - but it is also something for which everyone in their lives seems to be consciously or unconsciously searching - I think one should be humble in this search enjoying simple thins rather than wild escapades. She then lists some rules starting One should have a true sense of values (9 lines), concuding Probably if we could achieve any one of these one would be happy - but I think very few people do.