[Ethel Marion Knox, sister of Ronald Knox.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Ethel M. Knox') to 'Teddie' [her brother E. V. Knox]

Ethel Marion Knox (1879-1958), eldest of the six children of Edmund Arbuthnott Knox, Bishop of Manchester, sister of Ronald Knox, E. V. Knox, Winifred Peck, Dillwyn Knox and Wilfred Knox
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Both from '18. B. G.', i.e. 18 Beckenham Grove [Shortlands, Bromley, Kent]. One dated 23 April 1950, the other undated.
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The writer was the eldest of the six children of Edmund Arbuthnott Knox, Bishop of Manchester, and the only one who did not distinguish herself. See the entries of her father and her four brothers in the Oxford DNB. Both items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Dated 23 April 1950. Signed 'Yr. loving sister | Ethel M. Knox', and addressed to 'Dearest Teddie'. 1p, 16mo. She is returning 'the photograph of the stone proposed for Wildred's grave'. She invites him to visit, explaining that she has 'two P. G's now but normally they are both out for lunch & tea'. TWO: Undated. Signed 'Yr. most loving sister | Ethel M. Knox' and addressed to 'Darling Teddie'. 1p, 8vo. Writing after a stay in hospital, she is enclosing a bill she received that morning, adding 'I hate doing it.' Regarding her sister the novelist Winifred Peck (Lady Peck) she writes: 'I have just heard that Winifred is coming down on Wednesday - She says she is motoring down & you come into it somehow - She doesn't say how long she is staying. She chiefly says she wants to run all my errands which sounds as though I should live in rather a whirlwind.' She ends by inviting Knox and 'Mary' (his wife, daughter of the illustrator of Winnie the Pooh, and herself the illustrator of Mary Poppins) to visit, and by repeating the figure of speech: 'I feel rather in a whirl wind'. From the E. V. Knox papers.