[ Masters; The High House Press ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed J.E. Masters to Mr Whitby (E. Whitby, Private Press Collector)., on the recent history of the Press.

James E. Masters, High House Press
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[Headed] James E. Masters, 13 Abbey Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol | The High House Press, 18 October 1938.
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Two pages, cr. 8vo, very good condition. He's been looking through some old papers and found evidence that Whitby ordered a Horace. He continues: I cannot find any trace of sending you the book, & I don't remember ever seeing the order before. I am now beginning to wonder if I ever sent you notice of our change of address - there were so many things to do, & so many people to write to, at the time, that some may have been inadvertently overlooked. Anyway, if you did not hear from me, this will remedy the omission. | We had to leave Shaftesbury because the house was sold, & I couldn't afford to buy it, thoug I had the first offer. It was hard having to give up our home & our little business without any compensation & no means of selling our stock. As you will see from [...] prospectuses, I am still trying to keep the H.H.P. going. Some how, though under present conditions it is difficult & unprofitable. Two long illnesses since I have been here have also upset things, but I am trying to struggle on, & am now starting on another book (foolscap folio) a larger size page than I have yet done)) which I hope to finish this year. I will send you prospectus when ready. Of the books in encosed prospectuses, I don't think you have seen the two quartos, 'Hero & Leander@ and A Marriage Triumphe', & I am wondering if they would interest you. ''Old English Wines' [prospectus enclosed - see below] is only just published. Two pages from it are reproduced in the Studio Special Autumn Number 'The Art of the Book', which you have probably seen. I never succeeded in finding a copy of Ibbett's 'Facets' for you, & wonder if you ever got one. I secured some time ago a copy of 'Poems / by / Antaeus / (ornament) / 1889' 16mo, 136pp. I expect you have this. [...][PS. | If you still want the 'Horace' (as I hope you will) please let me know & I will send it by return of post. Enclosed in: Prospectus for Old English Wines and Cordials (At the High House Press | Bristol | 1938), 8pp. 8vo, illus. Reynolds Stone.~280~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT PRIVATE PRESS PRESSES THE HIGH HOUSE PRESS~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23234~20/07/2020~False~Winston S. Churchill, sometime Prime Minister.~[ Winston Churchill ] Typed Note Signed WS Churchill to The Secretary, The Royal United Services Institution, about the donation of Mafeking Mails. With Typed Note (20.8.55) with typed initials DP, annotated., concerning the donation.~[ Headed ] Chartwell, Westerham, Kent, 10 September 1955.~[Typed Note Signed by Churchill] One page, 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: A correspondent in South Africa, Mr. H.J. Bunyard, of 85 Park Street North, Randfontein, Transvaal, has asked that this collection of brown news sheets printed in Mafeking during the siege should be placed in a museum in this country with his compliments. | I should be very pleased if you would like to have these at the Royal United Services Institution. N.B. These news sheets are avaialble to any buyer of the letter who wants them. This letter is accompnaied by a short note from a D.P. (Secretary?), one page, 12mo, as follows: SIR WINSTON || You may like to see these news sheets printed during the Siege of Mafeking, which a Mr. Bunyard, of South Africa, asks you to accept. | I will write and thanks him. Added in pencil Churchill's instruction Thank very much. And also another pencil note (Given to Library by Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill's involvement in the Boer War is well documented.~500~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL~ ~0~OL60; formerly 23183~ ~ ~ ~ ~