[ Charles Kingsley ] Autograph Letter Signed CKingsley to My dear Dean [of Ely Cathedral], introducing an American antiquarian.

Charles Kingsley (1819 – 1875), priest, professor, social reformer, historian, novelist and poet.
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[Embossed] Eversley Rectory, Winchester, 14 August 1874
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Three pages, 16mo, bifolium, tipped on to slightly larger card, good condition. A difficult handwriting. Text: May I introduce to you a [?] American scholar - Mr Betts - who has [...?] respect for English Cathedrals & other Antiquities - & specially for Ely. You will find him most ready to appreciate all that I myself wd gladly have shown him could I have visited the belover old place - and you [underlined]. | Pray remember me most kindly to [...]. Docketed (Chas. Kingsley) at foot of page three. Remnants of a letter from Christ Church, Oxford (1883) on reverse of card, the right half of the page only, author unknown~65~AUTOGRAPH ENGLISH AUTHOR ELY CATHEDRAL~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~

23316~02/10/2020~False~Florence Dixie [Lady Florence Caroline Dixie (née Douglas (1855 – 1905), Scottish writer, war correspondent, and feminist].~[ Florence (Douglas) Dixie, traveller and feminist] Part of a document boldly Signed Florence Douglas indicating an interest in a foreign language as yet unidentified~No place or date.~Scrap of paper, irregular, 16 x 6cm, partially laid down on sl. larger scrap, some folded over. Three lines in a language I can't identify (yet?), signature Florence Douglas, and on reverse of the paper folded over, the word Infinitive followed by three words in the same language. I have yet to find any evidence that Lady Florence was interested in languages. See image.~220~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT LADY FLORENCE DIXIE TRAVELLER WOMAN FEMALE FEMINISM~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~

23314~02/10/2020~False~Giulia Grisi (1811 – 1869), Italian opera singer.~[ Giulia Grisi, opera singer ] Bold Signature Giulia Grisi.~No place or date.~Signature on slip of paper, c.11 x 2cm, with embossed coat of arms (crown on top), laid down on slightly larger card, sl. irregular, good condition. Docketed the late Madame Grisi. See image,