[The man who restored Edgar Allen Poe’s reputation.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘John H. Ingram’) from John Henry Ingram to Lionel Earle, stating that he will be travelling up to London to view the Chatterton manuscripts that Lord Crewe is bringing up.

John Henry Ingram [John H. Ingram] (1842-1916), English biographer and editor who restored the reputation of Edgar Allen Poe, authority on Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Chatterton [Lionel Earle]
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22 March 1910; 53 Stanley Road, West Green, N. [London]
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Ingram, whose Poe collection is in the University of Virginia, published ‘The True Chatterton: A New Study from Original Documents’ in 1910. 1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with stub adhering to blank second leaf of bifolium. He thanks him for the letter of the previous day, ‘informing me that Lord Crewe has been so kind as to bring the Chatterton M.S.S. up to London’. He will ‘call on Crewe House on Thursday morning at 10.45 to see them’.