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Execution of King Louis XVI of France, 1792; W. Gye, Bath stationer; Champante & Co., London stationers; broadside

Broadside announcing the execution of King Louis XVI of France, 1792, titled: 'Trial, Defence, Sentence, and MASSACRE of the KING of France, […] as communicated by a Member of the late National Assembly to a Member of the British Parliament.'

A rare and unusual item, distributed as news of the execution broke, no other copy of which has been traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC. Printed on one side of a 59 x 48.5 cm piece of watermarked laid paper. In four columns of small print, surrounded by a thick-thin ruled border....

Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb, Persian physician and visitor to Regency England [Cullum baronets of Hardwick Hall]

[Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb, Persian physician and visitor to Regency England.] Autograph Letter in third person, and set of translations, both in English and addressed to Lady Cullum. With calling card carrying his autograph signature in Persian script.

Tabeeb was a fêted 'exotic' visitor to England at the end of the Regency period. In March 1819 the Asiatic Journal reported his presence in London, and on 6 June (four days after the present letter) he breakfasted with the Irish poet Thomas Moore, who reported in his diary that he was 'to take...

Frederick Burnaby [Frederick Gustavus Burnaby] (1842-1885), soldier, traveller and balloonist; Elizabeth Adela Forbes [née Armstrong] (1859-1912), Canadian artist; Mary Blanchard Reed; Sidney Redrup

[Frederick Burnaby, British traveller and national hero.] Engraving by Elizabeth Adela Forbes, of a drawing of Burnaby by Mary Blanchard Reed, signed by both women ('Mary B Reed' and 'Elizabeth A. Armstrong').

See the Oxford DNB entry on Burnaby ('He was commemorated in verse, song, and Staffordshire pottery'). The National Portrait Gallery, which does not have a copy of the present item among its ten portraits of him, states: 'Burnaby's exploits as a cavalry officer and explorer captured every...

Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Charles E. Wadsworth and Jean G. Wadsworth; Will Carter and Sebastian Carter

[Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge.] Printers' dummy for the author of 'Root & Sky. Poetry from the plays of Christopher Fry. Compiled and arranged by Charles E. and Jean G. Wadsworth. Collagraph-intaglios designed and printed by Charles E. Wadsworth.

A very nice artefact relating to a beautiful Rampant Lions production, published in 1975. Printers' dummy, produced to indicate the intended layout of the book, consisting of duplicated typed leaves, with emendations and printing instructions in manuscript, showing the intended arrangement of...

George III (1738-1820), King of England [Sir William Augustus Pitt of Highfield House; Fanny Burney (Madame D'Arblay)]

[George III, King of England.] Four documents by King George III, all in his Autograph, giving detailed instructions (retinue, route, accommodation) for a journey into Hampshire, with reference to Fanny Burney and Sir William Pitt's Highfield House

Four sets of travel instructions by George III, all in his autograph, none dated but seemingly relating to the same journey, taking in the Highfield House estate of General Sir William Augustus Pitt (c. 1728-1809), and also referring to Egham, Basingstoke, Winsdsor, Andover. A referring to the...

King George III; Sir Francis Dashwood [Lord le Despencer] of the Hell-fire Club ('Monks of Medmenham'); Lord North, Prime Minister; Charles Townshend; Sir John Turner [Major. General John Barrington]

[American Revolution;George III, Lord North, Chas. Townshend and Sir Francis Dashwood (Hell-Fire Club).] Autograph Signatures ('George R', 'North', 'C Townshend' and 'F Dashwood'), with those of Sir John Turner and Thomas Fisher, on Treasury warramt.

2pp, foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with strip of paper from mount adhering to one edge. The document has three horizontal fold lines, one of which has led to wear at along the foot of Dashwood's signature. An interesting assemblage of individuals. Of the six signatories...

[Daphne Charlton, lover of Stanley Spencer, Artist]

[ Daphne Charlton (Stanley Spencer)] A Miscellany of Material from the Archive of Daphne Charlton, Lover of Stanley Spencer and Artist. Diaries. sketches, letters, etc.

1. Autograph Note Signed Shirin Spencer, daughter of Stanley, to Daphne, 23 June 1961, in envelope:Unity [sister] and I were both so sorry to hear that you had lost your father in such a sad way. We send you our love and sympathy.; 2. Two Typed Letters Signed Andrew Boyle, sometime BBC producer...

Art and Architecture £1,500.00 Daphne
John Muir [(1838 – 1914), influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, botanist, zoologist, glaciologist, and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness

[John Muir, environmental pioneer etc] Autograph Letter Signed John Muir, to David Douglas, Publisher/Editor of Scott's Letters and Journal, responding to his receipt of Walter Scott's Journal and discussing enthusastically his visit to the UK.

Four pages, 8vo, bifolium, remnants of tipping into David Douglas's gift of Sir Walter Scott's Journal published in 1890, edited by the publisher, Douglas. Edges stained, some marking, text clear and complete, as follows: My dear Mr Douglas, | I got home safely, & have been very busy with...

Social history, Travel and Topography £1,500.00 Muir page 4
E. M. Almedingen (born Marta Aleksandrovna Almedingen, also known as Martha Edith Almedingen or von Almedingen; 1898 – 1971), British novelist, biographer, children's author, poet, of Russian origin.

[E.M. Almedingen, writer] A Substantial Collection of Manuscript and Typed Material from her Papers

1. Untitled Typescript. Author Unknown. An unpublished biography of E.M. Almedingen, 123pp., sm. folio, in black lever arch file, very good condition, a scattering of MS. corrections and additions.2. Seven mainly bulging Notebooks and Scrapbooks, (All my own), the Notebooks numbered I, II &...

Literature £1,500.00
[Oleg Adolfovich Lyalin (1937 – 1995), Soviet agent who defected from the KGB]

[Oleg Lyalin, Soviet Agent turned; cyclostyled or similar] Double Agents (D/As):- A DEFECTOR'S REPORT, marked Secret on every page.

Ten pages ( paginated 2-7), sm.fol., cyclostyled or similar, good condition, comprising: introductory page with information: reference, date (1 December 1972), To [Hong Kong], From: Head Office, [...]: Double Agents] and statement Attached are copies of a paper on KGB principles and methods of...

History £1,500.00 Defector