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Lieut-Commander R. A. Langley, Royal Navy [ College of Aeronautics, Cranfield; Nuclear War; Atomic Weapons ]

[ College of Aeronautics, Cranfield. ] 'Secret' typed thesis, with 71 diagrams, on the interception of atomic bombers, titled 'Turning Performance and Manoeuvrability of Aircraft at Supersonic Speeds by Lieutenant (E) R. A. Langley, Royal Navy'.

The problem with which the thesis deals is summed up at the start: 'If war broke out in the near future, attack by atomic bombers would become an immediate possibility, and one of the biggest problems would be the defence of this Island, which, with its areas of dense population, particularly...

Science, Medicine and Technology £1,250.00
St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London (City of Westminster), founded in 1845

[ St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. ] Detailed manuscript 'weekly account of the receipt and consumption of provisions', giving a detailed daily breakdown of food and drink consumed over a five-year period, in substantial ledger printed for the purpose

A substantial and heavy leather-bound volume, 49 x 37 x 7 cm, by the London stationers Waterlow & Sons, containing in excess of 250 double-page weekly entries, meticulously and neatly completed in manuscript, giving a daily itemised breakdown of the consumption of a wide range of provisions...

Science, Medicine and Technology £1,250.00
Income Tax in Victorian Kent:

[ Income Tax in Victorian Kent ] Minute, Assessment and Appeal books for the North Division of the Lathe of Aylesford, 1829-1888.

The four volumes in this collection, spanning almost sixty years, are filled with a mass of information relating to the day-to-day business of tax assessment and collection in one of the home counties during Queen Victoria's reign. An unusual survival, they are of interest in the fields of...

S. C. Pinney, American authority on George Washington Genealogy.

[ George Washington ] The Pinney archive of material relating to the English branch of the family of George Washington

Large archive of material relating to the English branch of the Washington family, assembled by American authority S. C. Pinney, comprising manuscripts, typescripts, printed extracts and offprints, photographic and other illustration, and a small batch of letters to Pinney from the English...

Sir Anthony Morgan (1621-1668), English army officer and Commonwealth politician, confidante of Oliver Cromwell, with interest in Irish affairs [ Sir John Maynard (1604-1690), lawyer and politician ]

[ Sir Anthony Morgan, English army officer and Commonwealth politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ant: Morgan') to Sir John Maynard, regarding the petition of 'Capt Ed: Lister & Joan his wife'.

1p., 8vo. Bifolium. Addressed, on reverse of second leaf, with seal in red wax, 'for Serieant Maynard | at his Chamber at ye Temple or elswhere'. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with outer cover somewhat discoloured. He states that, as Maynard is 'a party concernd in ye Petn...

Gari Melchers [Julius Garibaldi Melchers] (1860-1932), American naturalist artist [Henriette Lewis-Hind; Mitchell Kennerly (1878-1950); Anderson Galleries, New York; William Edwin Rudge (1876-1931)]

[Gari Melchers, American naturalist artist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Gari Melchers') to 'Wriggles' [Henriette Lewis-Hind?], regarding book and exhibition at Anderson Galleries, New York, with reference to William Edwin Rudge and Mitchell Kennerly.

The name of the recipient is not clear: it would appear to read 'Wriggles', and the letter suggests that this is a pet name for Melchers' close friend Henriette Lewis-Hind, who wrote the foreword to 'Gari Melchers, Painter', published that same year in New York by W. E. Rudge. An excellent...

Thomas Erle, Thomas Frankland and Others [Stirling and Dumbarton Castles]

[Thomas Frankland and Others; Stirling and Dumbarton Castles] Manuscript [Document[ Signed by Members of Parliament in command of the Ordnance, "Tho[mas] Frankland", Thomas Erle (also distinguished soldier), Thomas Wheate and Edward Ashe

A fragile survival. One page, 20 x 22cm, small closed tears, foxing, minimal loss of two or three letters, text fully legible as follows: "Whereas it is requisite and necessary that [an?] Advance of Money should be made for paying for the Repairs at Sterling [sic] & Dumbarton Castles in...

History £1,250.00 Ordnance
[ Major Wellesley Paget, R.H.A.; Boer War; Cronje ]

[ Major Paget; Boer War; Cronje on St Helena ] Sixteen leaves extracted from an Album at least partly compiled by Major Wellesey Paget of the Royal Horse Artillery (photographs, printed ephemera, newspaper clippings etc.)

See images. 32 album pages, sm.folio, extracted from an Album, edges rough as a result, with laid down (amateur) photographs, handwritten material, newspaper clippings, printed ephemera, predominantly from the Boer War, including photo of the youngest Boer Prisoner at 13 years old:1. [Printed]...

£1,250.00 Boer War
Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892), biologist, palaeontologist, comparative anatomist, first Director of Natural History Museum, opponent of the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin

[Sir Richard Owen, palaeontologist, opponent of Darwin's theory; Giant Moa.] Autograph Draft part lecture, re. 'the power of God' and 'study of the Scripture', vs 'men' 'gone astray'. WITH Autograph Description of Plates concerning Great Moa

An important artefact: a folio page carrying an Autograph Rough Draft of the central passage of a lecture in which Owen – four years after the publication of Darwin's 'Origin of Species' – defends the theistic view of evolution. One of two folio pages in Owen's autograph on the same leaf, the...

G.E.H. [Geraldine E. Hodgson] (OxfordDNB)

[Geraldine Hodgson; James Elroy Flecker] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed G.E.H. [Geraldine E. Hodgson] to Edith [not identified], exclusively about James Elroy Flecker, anticipating her biography of Flecker, published the following year.

Twelve (12) pages, 12mo (3 x bifoliums), good condition. She starts by saying that perpetual illness and being tired of Bristol first drives her to write to her. From then on she concentrates on Elroy Flecker to a correspondent who must be equally an enthusiast and with whom she shares private...

Literature £1,250.00