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Hon. George Elliot [ George Francis Stewart Elliot ] (1822-1901) [ John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878), Prime Minister; Sir James Hudson (1810-1885); Sir Henry Elliot (1817-1907) ]

[ 'The Hudson Case'. ] Manuscripts of Elliot's defence of Russell and Sir Henry Elliot in controversy over Italian ambassador Sir James Hudson, including 'unpublished part', letters by Countess Russell and Sir Henry Elliot, annotated pamphlet.

A son of the Earl of Minto, Elliot (hereafter GSE) was Russell's brother-in-law and one of his two executors. The events described in the present collection occurred while GSE was living with Russell, who was then Home Secretary, as his private secretary; and the controversy is over the claim...

The Englishman, Calcutta periodical [Stapleton Cotton (1773-1865), 1st Viscount Combermere, British army officer commanding at the East India Company Siege of Bhurtpoor [Bharatpur], 1826]

[ By Viscount Combermere? ] 39 sheets of Galley proofs of a long article on 'The Siege of Bhurtpoor', from a series titled 'Operations of the Bengal Army in India and on Foreign Service', from the Calcutta periodical 'The Englishman'.

An extraordinarily-detailed account of 'The Siege of Bhurtpoor', from a series titled 'Operations of the Bengal Army in India and on Foreign Service', utilising a wide variety of sources, both published and unpublished, each quotation meticulously cited in footnotes. On 39 sheets, almost all of...

Michael Foot [ Michael Mackintosh Foot ] (1913-2010), leader of the Labour Party, author and journalist [ Jonathan Swift ]

[ Michael Foot, sometime leader of the Labour Party. ] Autograph Manuscript, extensively revised, of an early draft of his book 'The Pen and the Sword: A Year in the Life of Jonathan Swift'.

Heavily influenced by its author's own journalistic career, 'The Pen and the Sword' is not only of great significance in the development of Michael Foot's thinking, but is also an important work in the study of Jonathan Swift. The book was a firm success, going through four printings between...

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis (1821-1903), wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'), sculptor and painter of Louth in Lincolnshire [ The Great Exhibition, 1851 ]

[ Thomas Wilkinson Wallis, wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'). ] Eight autograph items: six journal fragments, including eight pages on the 1851 Great Exhibition; description of his 'Trophies of Spring'; letter to his daughter.

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis was the greatest wood carver of Victorian England. Born in impoverished circumstances in Hull, by 1844 he had established his own business in Louth Lincolnshire, and for the 1851 he submitted seven carvings, 'of which ‘Trophy of Spring’ was awarded a medal. It was his...

John Moffatt (d.1830) of Failsworth [ now in Oldham ], Lancashire poet, Jacobin and tailor [ Elijah Ridings (1802-1872), poet and reformer; Henry 'Orator' Hunt (1773-1835), radical politician ]

[ John Moffatt, Lancashire poet. ] Nine unpublished Autograph Poems (six signed 'J. M.'), including abolitionist poem titled 'Lords and Slaves'. Eight contained in two Autograph Letters Signed to Elijah Ridings, the ninth annotated by Ridings.

Moffatt is an interesting minor figure. In a 1924 piece titled 'Brief History of the Failsworth Pole', Rev. James Smith writes: 'The Jacobins' Club Library was kept in a room next to that in which Ben Brierley was born, and old John Moffatt, tailor, of "Crockey Hall," opposite the Pole, had...

Robert Willan (1757-1812), pioneering dermatologist [Alexander John Gaspard Marcet (1770-1822), physician and chemist; Royal Jennerian Society; James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862); vaccination]

[Robert Willan, pioneering dermatologist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('R: Willan') to A. J. G. Marcet, on the election of James Sheridan Knowles as resident vaccinator to Royal Jennerian Society, with reference to Jenner, Walker, Ring, Paytherus, Field

A highly interesting letter, casting light on the tensions between the various factions (including the 'Anti-Jennerian party') surrounding the vaccination movement in early Georgian London. See the Oxford DNB for information on Willan. Marcet and the subject of the letter, the Irish playwright...

Henriette d'Angeville (1794-1871), mountaineer, the second woman to climb Mont Blanc [Lady Ann Cullum (1807-1875), wife of Sir Thomas Gery Cullum (1777-1855) of Hardwick House]

[Henriette d'Angeville, mountaineer.] Autograph Letter Signed, in French, thanking Lady Cullum of Hardwick for her support on her climb of Mont Blanc, with 'Bouquet' of dried flowers picked in the Alps. AND important Memorandum detailing the Climb.

A. Autograph Letter. The present letter – a very nice artefact of female mountaineering – was written immediately after d'Angeville's first ascent of Mont Blanc in 1838 (she was the second person to climb the mountain, after Maria Paradis thirty years before), and sending a selection of flowers...

Stafford H. Northcote [Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh (1818 – 1887), Conservative politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1874 and 1880]., Later Governor-General of Australia

[Stafford H. Northcote, as Chancellor of the Exchequer] Sixteen (16) Autograph Letter Signed Stafford H. Northcote to Kempe, his Private Secretary (John Arrow Kempe) about Budgets, trade, taxation, Finance. WITH: Notes for Kempe and drafts.

Sixteen Autograph Letters Signed, total 45pp., 12mo, some bifoliums, good condition. He usually asks for research into issues, national and international that were subject to Parliamentary discussion at the time. Subjects include: tax involving brewers; falling off on Customs; income tax; Post...

Economics £1,800.00
Arthur Gilbert Bedell (b.c.1851), printer with his brothers Edwin Bedell and George Canfield Bedell of New York newspaper the Westchester Times ['Boss' Dick Croker; Tammany Hall; Louis J. Heintz]

[Arthur Gilbert Bedell, printer of New York newspaper the Westchester Times.] Unpublished Autograph Memoir filled with reminiscences of prominent New Yorkers ('Boss' Dick Croker of Tammany Hall, Louis J. Heintz, Theodore Roosevelt) and local politics

192pp., 8vo., on 188 letterheads of the Village of Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Irregularly paginated to 179d. Six pages (6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 17) are lacking, but the missing text is supplied in an accompanying typescript, with two carbon copies...

History, Social history £1,750.00
Allan Wilkie (1878-1970), Anglo-Scottish Shakespearian actor-manager in England and Australia; Barry Duncan Duncan [ Horace Alexander Barry Duncan ] (1909-1985), theatre historian and bookseller

[ Allan Wilkie, Shakespearian actor-manager in Australia. ] 24 Autograph Letters Signed to the theatre historian Allan Duncan, discussing his life and career in England and Australia, with copies of 18 of Duncan's replies, and nine other items,.

It is safe to say that no Shakespearian actor travelled as widely as Allan Wilkie, and few can surely match the number of his performances. Although born in Liverpool, Wilkie considered himself Scottish ('a young Scots boy'). Inspired by Osmond Tearle, he took to the stage, learning his craft...