[JAPANESE PRISONERS OF WAR] "orders [...] issued by the Japanese Western Command FUKUOKA Prisoners of War Camps Orders"
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[Fukuoka, Japan], circa 1943.
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Fukuoka is notorious as the site of some of the worst of the atrocities committed by the Japanese during World War II, including the vivisection of eight living American airmen. Twelve standing orders, each described in detail, and most with lettered subdivisions (46 in all), covering more than 120 lines of text, typedwritten with corrections, on one side each of two 4to sheets of wove paper, both sheets approximately fourteen inches by nine. Creased and with a small amount of fraying, but in good condition overall. On both sheets the text is typed over rules printed in red ink, with a border and two Japanese pictograms in the bottom left-hand corner. Ends with order 12 (a), so may be incomplete. Order 4 (a) indicates that the document was addressed to British prisoners. Order 2 consists of two 'Daily Time-Table[s]', the first 'Morning Shift and Cooks', and the second 'Afternoon shift and invalids'. Each has nine timed sections from 'Reveille' to 'Bed'. Order 3, 'Daily Routine', subdivided (a) to (m). Order 4, 'Paying of Compliments', (a) and (b) ['(a) English Officers only salute Japanese Officers and English O.R's. only salute Japanese N.C.O's and above. | (b) When a Japanese Officer enters a room the senior prisoner calls everyone to attention, but sick in beds need not get up but must pay their respects to the Japanese Officer. (This also applies to men who are unable to stand).']. Order 5, 'Rules for Roll Call', (a) to (d). Order 8, 'Duties', subdivided 1 to 4 and with a total of 17 lettered subsubdivisions. Order 9, 'Food and Smoking', (a) to (c) ['(a) Eat as much rice and barley as possible.']. Order 10, 'In an Emergency (air raids etc.)', (a) to (d). Order 11, 'Fire Precautions', (a) to (c). Order 12, 'Dress', (a) only. Together with a fragment of a frayed and worn cutting from a newspaper, 7½ inches by 2½, consisting of names of individuals in 'FURTHER LISTS OF AWARDS AND PRISONERS OF WAR.'