Advertisement, in the form of an illustration, for the magazine 'It: a comic perennial, in prose and verse'.

Alfred Crowquill' (Alfred Henry Forrester, 1804-1872), comic writer and illustrator [Punch; Effingham Wilson]
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Published (every Month) by Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange.' [1834?]
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One page. Dimensions of illustration roughly seven and a half inches by five and a half wide. A frail survival, aged and creased, but with illustration clear and complete. Glue stains from previous mounting on rear. Unusual and striking illustration, consisting of grotesque caricatures of two men - the first tall and thin and in tartan trousers, carrying the letter I, and the second a dwarf in riding boots and cap, carrying the letter T. In the black body of the two letters are picked out in white the words 'IS JUST OUT by ALFRED CROWQUIL [sic] | Price | 1 Shilg.' The periodical itself (IT) is almost as scarce as this advertisement: COPAC only gives a copy in the National Library of Scotland. The presence of tartan trousers implies a date several decades latter than that copy's tentative attribution to 1834. According to BBTI the radical bookseller Effingham Wilson and his son of the same name traded from 1807 to 1887.