Autograph Letter Signed ('(Miss) "Clive Arden" | (L. Clive Nutt).') to the editor of the Daily Graphic.

Clive Arden (pseud. of Lily Clive Nutt), English novelist
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19 April 1924; Hampton House, Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire.
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4to: 2 pp. 26 lines. On lightly discoloured and spotted paper. She will be happy 'to send you word occasionally of any work or other matter concerning myself which might interest your readers'. Her 'new book', 'Enticement', 'has just been published by Leonard Parsons. At present I have not commenced another.' She has just returned from North Africa, 'where I motored over 3,000 miles in Algeria & Tunisia. On the strength of this I do not contemplate writing a "Sheik" story! We met no sheiks. But we met several Caids; also the Aghar of the District at a place in the desert.' The Aghar entertained them with 'a falconry expedition in the desert', a 'native feast' ('at which a lamb was roasted whole & had to be eaten with our fingers instead of knives & forks - & to an evening's native dancing at the house of the Ouled Nail Dancing Girls. We therefore got some excellent "local colour", should I ever wish to use it'). Asks for a copy of anything he may choose to write about her.