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Rev. Dr Richard Harington (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford [Oxford University Act 1854; Report of Royal Commission, 1852; Hebdomadal Council]

[Oxford University Act, 1854.] Autograph Draft Memorandum on 'Oxford University Commission' by Rev. Dr Richard Harington , Principal of Brasenose College, stating his opposition to 'those who propose to strip the favoured classes of the privileges'.

A highly-interesting document, written by a college head on the verge of the reforms resulting from the passing of the Oxford University Act of 1854 and setting up of the Hebdomadal Council, in which Harington states - in detail, at length and with great emphasis - his opposition to 'those who...

Committee on Indian Students 1921-22 ('The Lytton Committee'); Indian Students' Department, London [Victor Bulwer-Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton (1876-1947)]

[The Indian Students' Association and the 1922 Lytton Committee report.] Folder containing thirteen typewritten documents in answer to criticism in 'Report on the Committee on Indian Students 1921-22', with associated material and copy of the report.

Three items, the first being a file containing the aggrieved 'Answer' of the Indian Students' Department to the criticisms of it within the 1922 report of the Committee on Indian Students ('The Lytton Committee'), comprising thirteen documents, all typewritten, and several with manuscript...

Vivian Locke Ellis (1878-1950), Georgian poet [ Edward Thomas; Walter de la Mare; Arnold Vincent Bowen; Richard Percival Lister; The Saturdays, London literary society ]

[ Vivian Locke Ellis, Georgian poet. ] Unpublished typescript of anthology titled 'The Desert Minstrel and Other Poems', and containing pieces dedicated to Edward Thomas, Walter de la Mare and Arnold Vincent Bowen.

[4] + 74pp., 4to. On 78 pieces of paper, bound with metal clasp in blue card folder, with white paper label with title on front cover ('THE DESERT MINSTREL | AND | OTHER POEMS | BY | VINCENT LOCKE ELLIS') and second label with address on inside front cover. In good condition, lightly-aged, in...

C. K. Jaeger [ Cyril Karel Stuart Jaeger] (1912-2008), fantasy and children's writer under the name 'Karel Jaeger', friend and landlord of Fitzrovia writer Julian Maclaren-Ross (1912-1964)

[ C. K. Jaeger ('Karel Jaeger'), fantasy writer. ] Unpublished typescripts of two fantasy novels, '"The Autobiography of a Flea" or A Kind of Memoir' and 'Letters from an Oyster Bed'.

The colourful life of the 'deeply eccentric Bradford-born writer' Jaeger is the subject of a good obituary in the Scotsman, 2 October 2008. In his youth Jaeger was adopted by Lady Margaret Sackville, and moved in Edinburgh high society. While studying at Montpelier University he developed a...

A. C. Lawson [ Andrew Cowper Lawson ] (1861-1952), Professor of Geology, University of California; E. F. Davis [ Elmer Fred Davis ] (1887-1974); A. R. Whitman [ Alfred Russell Whitman ] (1881-1940)

[ Andrew Cowper Lawson, Professor of Geology at the University of California. ] Two Autograph Field Notebooks of an American geologist, including notes of Californian surveys conducted with E. F. Davis and A. R. Whitman while studying under Lawson.

The two volumes contain a total of 239pp., 12mo, in ink and pencil, with entries dating from between 29 November 1912 and 28 March 1950. In fair overall condition, with light signs of age and wear. In two Keuffel & Esser notebooks, each in remains of brown calf binding, the first with '...

William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882), English historical novelist [ John Partington Aston (1805-1882); James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862), Irish playwright; Charles Lamb; William Charles Macready ]

[ William Harrison Ainsworth, novelist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm Ainsworth') asking his friend John Aston to write the epilogue for Sheridan Knowles's play 'William Tell', with references to Charles Lamb and William Charles Macready.

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed, with postmark, to 'John P. Aston, Esqre | Messrs. Ainsworth & Co | Solrs | Essex Street | Manchester'. Aston was Ainsworth's father's law clerk. The year after this letter was written the novel 'Sir John Chiverton',...

Girton College, Cambridge University [ Lewis Carroll; Alice in Wonderland ]

[ Girton College, Cambridge University. ] Anonymous manuscript magazine: 'Girtonica or Pearls from Oysterland. Edited by The Mocking Turtle and the Doormouse', containing a Lewis Carroll parody 'Alice in Oyster-land', and other humorous material.

235pp., 4to. In two uniform volumes, paginated as follows. Vol.1: ii + 135pp. Vol.2: 89pp. With an additional nine unpaginated pages. Both volumes in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in aged and worn bindings with marbled covers and cloth spines. Written out in at least two hands. The...

Louis-Gabriel Suchet, (1770-1826), Duke of Albufera (Duc d'Albuféra), was a Marshal of France and one of Napoleon's most brilliant generals. [ Marshal Soult ] .

[ Napoleon General; Battle of Ulm ] Note Signed "L.G. Suchet", text in secretarial hand, with further autograph note signed "Soult"note

One page, 8vo, fold marks, corners chipped, mainly good condition. Part-printed (Heading "Au Quartier General de [wincille - in MS] Le {date as above] de la Republique francaise || Suchet General de Division Inspecteur General d'Infanterie."). Text in secretarial hand as follows: "A monsieur le...

French, History, Military and Naval History £850.00
Eric Gill; The Spoil Bank Association Limited; Ditchling; H. J. Cribb [ Herbert Joseph Cribb ]; Hilary Pepler; Charles L. Waters; Valentine KilBride [ John Valentine Denis KilBride ]; Edgar Holloway

[ Eric Gill and the Spoil Bank Association Limited. ] Printed First and Second Mortgage Debentures, signed by Eric Gill, H. J. Cribb, Hilary Pepler, Charles L. Waters, Edgar Holloway, with printed transfer slips, all signed by Valentine KilBride.

The Spoil Bank Association was the limited company which acted on behalf of the Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic, the group of Roman Catholic craftworkers centred on Gill and based on Ditchling Common in Sussex. Each of the present two items in good condition, with light signs of age and wear...

[ Thomas Melville; Charles Munro of Campbeltown; Alexander Birrell of Inverary ] Nineteenth-century West of Scotland landowner's account book [ Hebrides; Greenock, Renfrewshire; Campbeltown, Argyll ]

[ Nineteenth-century Scottish landowner. ] Manuscript Account Book [ of Thomas Melville ] with itemized expenses and individual accounts, records of livestock farming in the Hebrides, rents in Greenock and Campbeltown.

113pp. in a 12mo notebook. Quarter binding with black leather spine and soft covers in marbled paper, interleaved with pink blotting paper on which occasional notes have been made. Printed on front pastedown: 'Sold by John Thomson, St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh.' In fair condition, on aged paper...