Printed handbill 'ADVERTISEMENT' concerning the recall of the 'Sixtieth Thousand' of 'Through the Looking Glass'.

Lewis Carroll' [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] [Alice in Wonderland]
Lewis Carroll, Advertisment, Handbill
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Christmas, 1893.'
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On one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 18 x 12 cm. Headed 'ADVERTISEMENT.' and signed in type 'LEWIS CARROLL. | Christmas, 1893.' Twenty-eight lines of text. In good condition on lightly-aged and spotted paper. Begins 'For over 25 years, I have made it my chief object, with regard to my books, that they should be of the best workmanship attainable for the price. And I am deeply annoyed to find that the last issue of "Through the Looking-Glass," consisting of the Sixtieth Thousand, has been put on sale without its being noticed that pictures have failed so much, in the printing, as to make the book not worth buying.' He requests 'all holders of copies' to send them to his publishers Macmillan & Co, 'and copies of the next issue shall be sent them in exchange'. The unsold copies will not be destroyed. 'I propose to utilise them by giving them away, to Mechanics' Institutes, Village Reading-Rooms, and similar institutions, where the means for purchasing such books are scanty.' He explains how such copies may be obtained, before announcing that 'if at any future time I should wish to communicate anything to my Readers, I will do so by advertising, in the 'Agony' Column of some of the Daily Papers, on the first Tuesday in the month.' Williams, Madan and Green 249. Scarce: the only copies on COPAC are at the British Library and National Library of Scotland.