Autograph Letter Signed ('P. Castang') on reverse of printed bill.

Philip Castang of Leadenhall Market, London, Licensed Dealer in Game (Dealer in Ornamental Waterfowl)
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31 October 1910; Leadenhall Market, London.
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The bill is printed on one side of a piece of grey paper, 25 x 13.5 cm. Good, on lightly-creased paper, with spikehole to one corner. On the bill Castang is described as 'Dealer in Ornamental Waterfowl, Pheasants, Cranes, Rheas, Kangaroos, Deer, etc. Original and many years sole importer of Hungarian Partridges. | Particular attention to packing export orders. Waterfowl in full adult plumage pinioned, taken direct from the water.' Seventeen types of bird are listed, from Teal to Black East Indian. On the reverse Castang writes that he has 'also a few pairs pinioned Mandarin ducks in the finest full adult plumage 60/- per pair'. There follows a manuscript list of nine types of bird, with price per pair. Castang dealt in live birds and other animals, supplied to private customers and institutions. He is even said to have supplied ravens to the Tower of London. His name features in Charles Darwin's address book under `Pigeons', and Darwin refers to him in a letter of 1857 as 'Carstang'.