Victorian silhouette portraits of Shakespeare and Scott, cut from wood and laid down on a specially-designed printed background, captioned 'The profile is produced in an ordinary lathe, by the common process of turning by <ACW?>'.

[ACW?] [Victorian wooden silhouettes of Shakespeare and Scott']
Victorian silhouette portraits of Shakespeare and Scott
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Undated [Circa 1860?].
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In brown wood. Both profiles looking leftwards; with that on the left ('SHAKESPEARE') 4 x 3 cm; and that on the left ('SCOTT') 5 x 3.5 cm. Each within a specially-designed printed oval frame, with Shakespeare's consisting of two red roses with thorns, and that of Scott consisting of two thistles with thorns. The caption is placed towards the bottom between the two portraits. The monogram of the individual or firm responsible appears to read 'ACW'.