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E. R. Humphreys [ Rev. Dr Edward Rupert Humphreys ] (1820-1893), disgraced headmaster of Cheltenham Grammar School, 1852-1859 [ now Pate's Grammar School ]

[ Rev. Dr E. R. Humphreys, disgraced headmaster of Cheltenham Grammar School. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. R. Humphreys'), enclosing a certificate and sending his good wishes to the family of a boy who is leaving the school.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named. He has sincere pleasure in enclosing the certificate (not present) awarded to the recipient's son, whom he is sorry to lose as a pupil. 'I trust this will, with God's blessing, be but the prelude to an honourable and useful...

Karl Josias von Bunsen [ Christian Charles, Baron von Bunsen; Chevalier Bunsen ] (1791-1860), German diplomat and scholar, Prussian Ambassador to London [ Henry M. Kemshead; St Mary's Hospital ]

[ Karl Josias von Bunsen (Baron von Bunsen), German diplomat and scholar. ] Autograph Letter in the third person ('Chevalier Bunsen'), as Prussian Ambassador to London, to Henry Kemshead, declining an invitation to a dinner at St Mary's Hospital.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Written from the Prussian Embassy. The letter reads: 'Chevalier Bunsen presents his compliments to Mr. Henry M Kemishead, and regrets, that neither his health nor his public as well as literary occupations allow him to extend the sphere of the...

Sir Charles Holroyd (1861-1917), artist and curator, Keeper of the Tate, 1897-1906, and Director of the National Gallery, 1906-1916 [Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, London]

[ Sir Charles Holroyd, Director of the National Gallery. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Charles Holroyd') to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, declining to take the chair for two lectures.

Both items in good condition, lightly aged, and both bearing the Society's stamp. ONE: 26 January 1915. 1p., 12mo. He is obliged by a previous engagement to decline the invitation 'to take the Chair for Mr. F Vincent Brooks lecture on Lithography on the 10th.', but feels the honour 'all the...

Sir Nesbit Josiah Willoughby (1777-1849), Royal Navy Rear-Admiral and naval hero ('The Immortal')

[ Rear-Admiral Sir Nesbit Josiah Willoughby, naval hero ('The Immortal'). ] Three secretarial letters, all signed 'N. J. Willoughby', to 'Sir John', regarding his book 'Extracts from Holy Writ', and why he is not a 'good man'.

All three letters are on bifoliums, and they total 11pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. They are all written by a secretary (for reasons made obvious below), and signed by Willoughby. ONE: To 'Sir John', 27 September 1839. 4pp., 12mo. He is sending him copies of his work, 'The...

Sophie of Württemberg [ Sophia Frederika Mathilde ] (1818-1877), Queen of the Netherlands as the first wife of King William III [ Stratford Canning, 1st Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (1786-1880) ]

[ Sophie of Württemberg, Queen of the Netherlands; Tsar's daughter ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Sophia') to 'Lord Stratford', expressing deep grief and regret on the occasion of the Battle of Inkerman in the Crimean War.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. The letter begins: 'My dear Lord Stratford | The 5th November, the day of Inckerman, [sic] is passed – I had not the courage to write. There was such a weight of grief in my heart, it was very difficult to give any utterance to it. Yet I will not let this disastrous year...

Charles Gilpin (1815-1874), Quaker Member of Parliament for Northampton, abolitionist, pacifist and author

[ Charles Gilpin, Quaker MP for Northampton, pacifist, abolitionist and author. ] Autograph Note Signed to 'Mr E Whittingham', regarding his movements the following day. With newspaper cutting of obituary and engraved portrait.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged with minor burn mark to fore-edge. Reads: 'Dear Mr E Whittingham, | I fear I cannot be in St as usual tomorrow - I will endeavour to run down in the course of the day -'. The newspaper cutting of an obituary of 'The Late Mr. Charles Gilpin' is...

Charlotte Sainton [ Charlotte Sainton-Dolby, born Charlotte Helen Dolby ] (1821-1885), English contralto, singing teacher and composer

[ Charlotte-Sainton-Dolby, English contralto. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C H Sainton') to 'Mr. Sherrard', regarding the re-allocation of tickets.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. She considers the wind 'much too cold to allow me to venture where there is any current of air', so she has 'most unwillingly' had to 'give up the pleasure of using the ticket gave [sic] me'. She has given them 'to our French Nephew &...

David Smyth Torrens (1897-1967), horologist, Professor of Medicine, Trinity College, Dublin [ Robert Gardner (1851-1931), Scottish clockmaker; Vacheron Constantin of Switzerland; Leroy & Cie, Paris ]

[ Professor David Smyth Torrens, Irish horologist; Robert Gardner, clockmaker. ] 36 items relating to horology and chronometers, including a booklet of manuscript tables, apparently by Torrens, showing tests (of Vacheron Constantine chronometers?).

36 items, in fair overall condition, with some evidence of age and wear. ONE: Manuscript tables of trials, presumably in Torrens's autograph, apparently of Vacheron Constantin chronographs. 8pp. in landscape 8vo, with a final page folding out to large 4to. With additions in red ink and pencil....

Miscellaneous, Science, Medicine and Technology £1,500.00 Chronometer
Dr Richard Williamson (1802-1865), Headmaster of Westminster School, 1828-1846

[ Dr Richard Williamson, Headmaster of Westminster School. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Rd Williamson') regarding the King's visit to a play.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Tipped-in onto part of a leaf removed from an album. Annotated at head, in a contemporary hand: 'an invitation from the Head Master of Westr - | F. P.' The letter reads: 'Sir | The King having graciously signified his intention of honoring the third...

E. R. Moran [ Edward Raleigh Moran ] (d.1852), editor of The Globe newspaper, London [ Ben Webster [ Benjamin Nottingham Webster ] (1797-1882), actor-manager ]

[ Edward Raleigh Moran, editor of The Globe. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. R. Moran') to the actor-manager Ben Webster, suggesting he produce a previously 'interdicted' play titled 'Where's His Regal Highness?'

3pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. For information on the eccentric Moran see F. David Roberts' article 'Who Ran the London "Globe" in the 1830's, 1840's, and 1850's?' (1971). The letter begins: 'My Dear Webster | If you want a useful subsidiary piece producible without cost...