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Thomas Walley (1872-1947), editor of 'Engineering', London journal founded in 1866 [ Lieut-Col. Percy John Cowan (1876-1954) and Herbert Henry Johnson (c.1875-1957), joint editors ]

[ 'Engineering', London journal. ] Autograph register of contributions compiled by editor Thomas Walley, in form of table of articles and authors, with meticulous printing and publication details.

Walley has converted one volume of a printed diary ('The Business Year Book' for 1923, by the R. C. Maxwell Co., Trenton, New Jersey) into a continuous table listing all the articles contributed between 27 November 1925 and 17 January 1934. Entries are compiled with the meticulous attention to...

Science, Medicine and Technology £750.00

[ Periodical; political & literary ] Extracts from The Britannia [.] Conservative Weekly Newspaper

16pp., 8vo, formerly sewn but stab marks only left, hence disbound, dulled but good condition. From the initial Address the newspaper has been in existence only 12 months, and this is the first digest, with stirring poems by Havali, a Sketches of Character exclusive to the paper, by Mrs S.C....

Edward Caruana Dingli, Maltese artist.

[ Edward Caruana Dingli; Art and the War in Malta ] Autograph Letter Signed E Carnana Dingli to Mr Tuckwell

Four pages, 12mo, a word for a part of a destroyed building cut out (text runs, including part of the [...cut out, in fact CENSORED]), otherwise clear and in good condition. He begins by discussing Tuckwell's recent operation, praising doctors,concluding that it's no wonder your nation heads the...

Art and Architecture £950.00
Lady Margaret Sackville

[ Pamphlet; poetry ] A Rhymed Sequence

One of 50 copies (numbered 33}, 8pp., 4to, printed paper wraps, sewn, with device of the Press on front cover/title, good condition.

Lord Horder

[ Offprint; medical; Inscribed by Author ] The Use and Abuse of Rest

Paginated [1]-4, 8vo, unbound as issued, sl. chipped, minor fold marks, mainly good condition. Inscribed Sincerely Yours, | Horder | 7/xi/47

Sir Philip Hartog, A.N. Meldrum and Sir Harold Hartley

[ Pamphlet; inscribed by Hartog ] The Bicentenary of Joseph Priestley

Paginated 896-920, beige wraps, sl. worn, vestiges of postage stamp on back cover, fold marks (postal wear and tear), contents good. Inscribed on front cover top, T W.H.D. from P.J.H[artog].

Ian Hamilton [ J. D. Salinger; William Heinemann Ltd, London publishers; Random House ]

[ Proof of the suppressed version of Ian Hamilton's biography, with fullest quotations from Salinger's letters. ] J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life.

The present item is a product of one of the most celebrated publishing controversies of the twentieth century. In 1982 the English critic and poet Ian Hamilton set out to write a biography of the legendarily-reclusive Salinger. The attempt, as The Times explained in Hamilton's obituary, 31...

James Forbes (1749–1819), author of ‘Oriental Memoirs’ (seventeen years residence in India); father-in-law of Marc Rene de Montalembert.

[ James Forbes; India ] Autograph Letter Signed "Jam Forbes" to [ Claudius Rich ], traveller and antiquarian (Babylon etc).

Four pages, 12mo, very good condition. His correspondent's letter eventually reached him in Paris where he'd resided since the last August "in coinsequence of my son-in-law the Baron de Montalembert being appointed by the French Government Minister at the Court of Wurtemberg [...] but political...

Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy (1844-1920), French archaeologist, noted for his excavations at Susa, author of L'Art anti

[ Dieulafoy;Women at War;archaeologist; Persia; cross dressing ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dieulafoy" to unnamed correspondent, his eminent wife's initiative (training women to do jobs of men who became soldiers (1913). and the circumstances of her death.

Three pages, 8vo, black border, fold marks, small closed tears, text complete and clear. With official printed stamp next to signature, "Le Lt-Colonel DIEULAFOY | Charge du Service du Genie des Etapes". He has received an article in "L'Eveil" by his correspondent concerning his "chere compagne...

French, Women £500.00
Sir Thomas Herbert Maddock (1792–1870), civil servant in India and a Conservative MP.

[ Thomas Herbert Maddock ] Autograph Letter Signed "T H Maddock" to "Gladstone", presumably John Gladstone, merchant, politician, father of W.E. Gladstone.

Four pages, 12mo, good condition. "I have just received from Ceylon a formal evaluation of my coffee property. The sums stated ampount to £8471 & as there is upwards of 800 acres of uncleared forest which is valued at £2 peracre the whole amount will be upwards of £10,000. I send the paper...