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Dr. Williams's Library, London (Thomas Morgan and J. L. Towers, Registrars) [ Thomas Cooper of Homerton; Rev. Israel Lewis; Benjamin Seaton of Chatham; Jacob George Bryant; Dissenters; Unitarians ]

[ Dr. Williams's Library, London. ] Two birth certificates: first (1798), signed by J. L. Towers, Registrar, for daughter of Thomas Cooper of Hoxton; second (1816), signed by Thomas Morgan, Registrar, for son of Benjamin Seaton of Chatham.

The two documents are printed forms, completed in manuscript. Both are tipped-in onto a leaf removed from an album. Both in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. ONE: 'C No 1429'. Dated 12 October 1798 and signed by 'J L Towers', 'Register.' Recording the birth of Sarah Cooper, daughter of...

Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904), Irish author, social reformer, women's suffrage campaigner and anti-vivisection activist [ Sir William Chichele Plowden ]

[ Frances Power Cobbe, Irish author and suffragist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Frances P Cobbe') to 'Mrs. Boyer'., with reference to Sir William Chichele Plowden, 'Dr Hurley's article', 'Dr Clarke', 'Selborne', 'Sir Otto', vivisection.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium on grey paper. In fair condition, aged and worn, with slight damage at head of second leaf. Cobbe's handwriting is difficult to decipher. There are references to Sir William Chichele Plowden (1832-1915), 'Dr Hurley's article' and ' Correspondence between you & Dr Clarke...

Henrietta S. Montalba [ Henrietta Skerrett Montalba ] (1856-1893), British sculptor, daughter of Anthony Rubens Montalba (1813-1884) [ Sir William Henry Allchin (1846-1912), physician ]

[ Henrietta Skerrett Montalba, Victorian sculptor. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mrs. Allchin', i.e. the wife of the physician Sir William Henry Allchin, regarding an order for one of her works.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Evidently responding to an order from an exhibition catalogue for one of her sculptures, she thanks her for her 'note and enclosed cheque which was quite right - Number 16 is not yet taken so I will put it down to your name'.

Jeremy Thorpe [ John Jeremy Thorpe ] (1929-2014), disgraced Liberal Party leader [ Peter Morley [ Franz Peter Meyer ] (1924-2016), television documentary maker; Apartheid; South Africa ]

[ Jeremy Thorpe, disgraced Liberal Party leader. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jeremy') to 'Peter' [ documentary-maker Peter Morley ], with 'Memorandum on suggested Programme for "This Week"', 'on the South African question', signed 'Jeremy Thorpe.'

Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, and stapled together. Between 1960 and 1963 Morley was producer of ITV current affairs series 'This Week'. ONE: ALS from 'Jeremy' to 'My dear Peter'. 3 June 1960. 1p., 12mo. Enclosing the 'preliminary Memorandum', and giving his contact...

Rev. Joseph Seaton (1742-1811) of Smarden [ The General Baptist Chapel, Chatham, Kent

[ The General Baptists in West Kent. ] Manuscript document headed ''The proceedings of the General Baptists in west kent at their Quarterly meeting held at Brother Seaton's meeting house at Smarden on tuesday Aug: ye 7 1781'.

1p., folio. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with crease lines strengthened on the reverse with archival tape. Apparently extracted from a minute book. Headed: 'The proceedings of the General Baptists in west kent at their Quarterly meeting held at Brother Seaton's meeting house at...

Roy Henderson [ Roy Galbraith Henderson ] (1899-2000), leading Scottish baritone of the early twentieth-century, later a singing instructor who counted Kathleen Ferrier among his pupils

[ Roy Henderson, Scottish baritone and singing instructor of Kathleen Ferrier. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Roy Henderson') to 'Mrs Ruskin', regarding 'the right kind of training required', 'Bel Canto singing' and the teaching of 'Mr. Arnold'.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight traces of mount adhering at head of reverse of leaf. 40 lines of text. The letter concerns a singing instructor named 'Mr. Arnold' who has offered to teach Mrs Ruskin or a member of her family 'at half fees'. Having been asked his...

Sampson Kingsford [ John Evans (1767-1827), Welsh Baptist minister; Rev. Joseph Seaton (c.1742-1811) of the General Baptist Chapel, Chatham, Kent; Whittingham and Rowland, London printers ]

[ Sermon by Sampson Kingsford, with preface by John Evans. ] A Sermon, preached, Sunday, Nov. 3, 1811, at the General Baptist Chapel, Chatham, upon the interment of the Rev. Joseph Seaton, who died October 13, 1811, aged sixty-nine years.

26 + [2] pp., 12mo. The title-page has at its head: 'The End of the Good Man – Peace.', and carries a quotation from Blair's 'Grave'. The sermon is preceded by a six-page preface by 'J. EVANS', dated from 'Islington, Feb. 11, 1812.', incorporating Smeaton's obituary from the Monthly Repository,...

Sir Benjamin Baker (1840-1907), Scottish civil engineer who designed the Forth Bridge and worked on the early London Underground railway [ Sir William Henry Allchin (1846-1912), physician ]

[ Sir Benjamin Baker, civil engineer, designer of the Forth Bridge. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('B. Baker') to 'Dr. Allchin', i.e. Sir William Henry Allchin, explaining the use of the telephone in the arrangement of an appointment for a consultation.

1p., 12mo. Printed at the head of the letter is 'TELEPHONE NO. 33, WESTMINSTER.” | TELEGRAMS “OLICIST LONDON”', and Baker writes, regarding making an appointment for a consultation: 'I am sorry I was out when you called. My telephone number is given above & if the people at the Hospital ring...

Sir John Pender (1816-1896), Scottish textile merchant in Manchester and submarine telegraph cable entrepreneur [ Sir William Henry Allchin (1846-1912), physician ]

[ Sir John Pender, Manchester textile merchant and submarine telegraph cable pioneer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jno Pender') [ to the physician Sir William Henry Allchin ], explaining why he cannot dine with 'the Directors of your Company'.

2pp., 12mo. A square has been cut away at thee head of the leaf (probably to remove Pender's monogram), otherwise in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The recipient is not named but it is the physician Sir William Henry Allchin. The letter reads: 'On my arrival here last evening I found an...

Thomas R. Ferens [ Thomas Robinson Ferens ] (1847-1930), philanthropist, industrialist (Reckitt and Sons) and MP for Hull East [ Lieut.-Col. Charles Henry Milburn (1860-1948); Suffragettes ]

[ Thomas Robinson Ferens, industrialist and politician. ] Five letters (3 ALsS and 2 TLsS, all five 'Thos. R. Ferens') to 'Colonel Milburn' [ Lieut-Col. Charles Henry Milburn ], arranging a meeting with Secretary of State for War Richard Haldane. ]

The five letters total 8pp. The first three letters are in autograph and the last two typed. The first has two punch holes to the first leaf, the collection is otherwise in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The correspondence relates to the arranging of a meeting between Milburn and the...