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A. Absolon (fl. 1878), London publisher [ Frederick Davis ]

[ A. Absolon, London publisher. ] Autogaph Card Signed to F. Davis, regarding his publication in the 'Forge & Lathe' of 'Maltons Gt. Treatise on Perspective'.

Half-penny postcard printed in purple. In fair condition, lightly aged, with thin strip along one edge from former mounting obscuring parts of a few words. Addressed to 'F. Davis Esq. | 4 Upper Phillamore [sic] Place | W.' The communication reads: 'Sir, | I beg to inform you that we have bought...

Artur Schnabel (1882-1951), Austrian pianist and composer; Léon Goossens [ Léon Jean Goossens ] (1897-1988), oboist and member of a celebrated English family of musicians

[ Artur Schnabel, Austrian pianist and composer; and Léon Goossens, oboist and member of a celebrated English family of musicians. ]

The two signatories sign on separate sides of a 13.5 x 16.5 cm leaf of faded pink paper torn from an autograph album. In good condition, lightly aged. Schnabel's large firm signature is on the recto: 'Artur Schnabel | 19. X. 1934'. Goossens signs in a large bold hand on the reverse: 'Yours...

Carl Dolmetsch [ Carl Frederic Dolmetsch ] (1911-1997), classical musician, leading figure in the twentieth-century revival of the recorder, for 56 years Director of the Haslemere Festival

[ Carl Dolmetsch, classical musician, leading figure in the revival of the recorder, and Director of the Haslemere Festival. ] Autograph Signature ('Carl Dolmetsch') on part of typed letter.

Signature on an irregular piece of paper torn from the bottom right-hand corner of a leaf. The valediction to a typed letter. Reads: '[...] gards from us all. | [...] ncerely, | Carl Dolmetsch'.

David Garrick (1717-1779), English actor, playwright and producer [ William Shakespeare ]

[ David Garrick and William Shakespeare. ] Engraving of the autograph manuscript, with facsimile signature, of 'Some additional shift to ye Comic part of ye Midsumer Night's Dream', 'Song for Epilogue' ('Most noble Duke to us be kind').

1p., 12mo. Lithograph engraved facsimile of Garrick's autograph manuscript on unwatermarked wove paper. In fair condition, lightly aged. The origin of the engraving is unclear. Headed: 'Some additional shift to ye Comic part of ye Midsummer Night's dream. | Song for Epilogue | By Quince, Bottom...

Edmund Blunden (1896-1974), poet and critic, Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature six times

[ Edmund Blunden, English poet and critic: 'My cat has tried to autograph the Item you lent me with her paws.' ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edmund') to 'Daniel', with reference to Edmund Wilson's 'Hecate County' and Holbrook Jackson's 'To-Day'.

1p., 12mo. Written in Blunden's pleasant italic hand on the reverse of a printed compliments slip by the firm Victor Gollancz, Ltd. In fair condition, lightly aged. The note begins: 'Dear Daniel | My cat has tried to autograph the Item you lent me with her paws. I am sorry about that, for it is...

Eustace Miles [ Eustace Hamilton Miles ] (1868-1948), English real tennis player who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics [ Grant Richards [ Franklin Thomas Grant Richards ] (1872-1948), publisher ]

[ Eustace Miles, Olympic real tennis player, proposes a book on 'How to Breathe' to the publisher Grant Richards. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Eustace Miles.') to Richards, also regarding 'the Roman History Reviews'.

Miles published two books with Richards: 'The Teaching of Jesus To-Day' (1899) and 'A History of Rome to 500 a.d.' (1901), the latter having appeared shortly before the writing of the letter. The work proposed by Miles in this letter does not appear to have been published by Richard or anyone...

Guila Bustabo (1916-2002), prominent American concert and recital violinist

[ Guila Bustabo, American concert violinist. ] Autograph Signature.

On 13 x 18 cm leaf of light-pink paper, torn from an autogaph album. Good firm large signature, rising upwards: 'Guila Bustabo.' Nothing else written on either side of the leaf.

Herman Finck [ born Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer and conductor [ RMS Titanic ]

[ Herman Finck, composer and musical director of the Palace Theatre. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'J. McG.', regarding the Folies Bergère in Paris, music by Delormel, Desormes and Gannes, and a humorous remark by Cuvier.

3pp., 12mo. In poor condition, aged and worn, with the two leaves of the bifolium separated. The letter begins: 'My dear J. McG. | Pardon me, but M. Delormel did not write “The Boulanger” March (“En Revenat de la revue”) nor did he write “Père la Victoire” but I dont say he didn't publish them...

Horace Vachell [ Horace Annesley Vachell; H. A. Vachell ] (1861-1955), prolific popular author

[ Horace Annesley Vachell, Edwardian novelist and playwright. ] Studio photograph by Swaine's, with autograph signature ('Horace Annesley Vachell.').

Sepia-coloured studio photograph on 19 x 14 cm card. Backed on the reverse with brown paper on which are printed the details of the photographic studio responsible, Swaine's of London and Southsea. The print itself is in good condition, lightly aged and worn; the reverse is heavily-worn with...

Jane Cobden Unwin [ Emma Jane Catherine Cobden ] (1851-1947), Radical Liberal politician and suffragist, daughter of Richard Cobden of the Anti-Corn Law League

[ Jane Cobden Unwin, Radical Liberal politician and suffragist. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Jane Cobden Unwin') regarding books being send 'by Messrs. Knights' Van'..

1p., on 12 x 11.5 cm piece of paper, possibly cut from the conclusion of a letter. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount on reverse and slight loss to two words of text from wear. Apparently written to a family member or intimate (but see note below), the note reads: '...