[ George Washington Bacon, American-born London cartographer and publisher. ] Facsimile of an Autograph Letter Signed ('G. W. Bacon', with 'Order Form', regarding his new atlas of the world.

G. W. Bacon [ George Washington Bacon ] (1830-1922), American-born London cartographer and publisher [ G. W. Bacon & Co., 127 Strand ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of G. W. Bacon, F.R.G.S., 127 Strand, London. 15 December 1886.

The letter is 2pp., 8vo, and the order form 1p., 8vo. In good condition, on aged and worn paper. A skilful facsimile: Bacon has even included an interpolation on the first page to make it look more like an authentic letter.

[Printed pamphlet.] Useful Work versus Useless Toil. By William Morris.

William Morris (1834-1896), Socialist writer, artist and craftsman [John Turner (1865-1934), Anarchist Communist printer, at 127 Ossulston Street, London; Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Communism]
Publication details: 
The "Freedom" Library. Printed and Published by J. Turner, 127 Ossulston Street, London, NW. [1900.]

24pp., 12mo. Morris's essay paginated [19]-39. Stitched pamphlet. A frail survival, on aged, chipped and creased paper. Priced at one penny on cover, with vignette showing three workers and the banner 'VIVE LA COMMUNE!' The back cover carries advertisements (which date the item), beginning with 'Freedom | A Journal of Anarchist Communism, | Monthly; One Penny. Annual subscription 1/6. Published by John Turner at No. 127 Ossulston Street, London, N.W.', followed by twelve numbered books from 'No. 1. THE WAGE SYSTEM. BY PETER KROPOTKINE. 1d.' to 'No. 12.

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