Detailed manuscript itinerary for lessons to various individuals over two weeks, with ink sketch of black and white minstrel playing the banjo.

S. M.' [banjo tutor in Acton, West London; black and white minstrels]
Publication details: 
Dated 'S.M. Septr. 26:08.' On letterhead of 'Holme-Lacey, 7, Hereford Road, Acton, W.'

12mo, 2pp. On bifolium. Aged and grubby. Testimony to the popularity of the black and white minstrel genre, at an early date. The drawing, beside the letterhead, is approximately 3.5 x 5 cm, in black and red. On the soles of the banjo-player's shoes is 'S M | 1908', and beneath it the caption 'Lessons'. Gives dates and times of lessons to 'Rackham', 'Miss Tipper', 'Matthias', 'Clayson', 'Mauchel' and others.

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