[Jackie Coogan, American actor and comedian, and his wife Ann McCormack; 'Billy Love' [Constance Billie Stone], English actress and photographer.] Autograph Signatures of the three, with inscriptions, on leaf from autograph album.

Jackie Coogan [John Leslie Coogan] (1914-1984), American actor and comedian; his wife Ann McCormack; 'Billie Love' [Constance Billie Stone] (1923-2012), actress and photographer
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Without date or place.

On 12mo landscape leaf detached from album. In fair condition, lightly aged. On one side of the leaf are the Coogans' inscription and signatures, written at a diagonal. Jackie Coogan writes 'Billy Taft | To Geney | Good Luck | Jackie | Coogan'. His wife's signature is beneath his: 'Ann McCormack'. On the other side of the leaf, again written at a diagonal, is 'All my best wishes - | Sincerely, | Billie Love'.

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