[Lord Salisbury to Sir Reginald Brade, Under-Secretary of State for War.] Five Autograph Letters (three signed 'Salisbury') to Brade and his PS, on Army Chaplains and the Chaplain General, with a complaint of a 'scandal' over chaplains in India.

Lord Salisbury [James Edward Hubert Gascoyne-Cecil, 4th Marquess of Salisbury] (1861-1947), Liberal politician [Sir Reginald Herbert Brade (1864-1933), Under-Secretary of State for War, 1914-1920]
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All on letterheads: three from Hatfield House, Herts; and one apiece from the War Office, Whitehall, and 20 Arlington Street, S.W.1 [London]. One from 1916, two from 1918, one headed 'Sunday' and the other undated.

Salisbury was a Liberal politician and the son of the Prime Minister. Some background to the correspondence is supplied by the Times articles, 'The Church in War', 6 February 1918 and 'Bishops' War Session' ('Supply of Chaplains'), 10 July 1918. The five items in good condition, on 12mo bifoliums. The first two items below are addressed to Brade himself, and the other three to his private secretary. The first three letters are signed 'Salisbury', the other two are in the third person. ONE: To Brade. War Office, 'Sunday'. 3pp. Written in pencil.

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