[Miniature book, printed 'with the Smallest Type Ever Manufactured'.] A Sketch Of the Origin and Progress Of the Liverpool Collegiate Institution.

[The Liverpool Collegiate Institution; the Liverpool Mail; Messrs Miller and Richard, Typefounders, Edinburgh; typography; printing]
Publication details: 
Printed for the Institution during the Polytechnic Exhibition, By the Proprietors of the Liverpool Mail, with the Smallest Type Ever Manufactured, from the Foundry of Messrs. Miller and Richard of Edinburgh. 1843.

The dimensions of the book are 4 x 5 cm. 48 pp. In brown card binding, yellow endpapers. Tight copy, in good condition on aged paper, in good binding with slight discoloration to endpapers. 'This Little Book, one of the least ever published, and certainly printed with the Smallest Type, is intended as a curious illustration of the extraordinary perfection to which the elegant art of Type Founding has been carried in modern days.' Filled with details concerning the Institution, including nine pages listing its officers and members.

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