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[ Bernard Shaw ] Typed Letter Signed "G. Bernard Shaw", with holograph additions, to Gilbert Murray, classicist, varied content, including a view of blank verse, the art of the writer, and his "fifth act" for "Cymbeline.

George Bernard Shaw, playwright.
Publication details: 
[Headed Notepaper] Ayot St Lawrence and Whitehall Court addresses, 16 July 1944. Also headed "From Bernard Shaw".

Two pages, 4to, good condition. He commences: "Your Moncure Conway lecture was entirely hidden from me by the newspapers. Meanwhile the jingo romance of Churchill and the rancorous explosions of Vansittart were shoved down my throat, and the war atrocities rubbed into me by the wireless set most sedulously. " He comments that Geoffrey Crowther of "The Economist" had praised Murray's lesser achievements (President of the League of Nations Union, etc) but "Not a word about your resuscitation of the ancient Greek drama in immortal verse [...]".

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