Extra-illustration (Grangerising) of the Diary of Samuel Pepys: around 730 engravings and prints, selected and mounted, ready for insertion in H. B. Wheatley's six-volume edition and the two later volumes , mostly dating late C18th-1920s.

Samuel Pepys; Henry B. Wheatley; extra-illustration; Grangerising
Publication details: 
[ London and elsewhere. Mostly between the late eighteenth century and the 1920s. ]

The fashion for extra-illustration – the filling of a printed volume with additional illustrations, manuscripts and other related matter – arose in England in the late eighteenth century. Historical and antiquarian works leant themselves to such treatment, and one book in particular, James Granger's 'Biographical History of England' (1869), which was frequently augmented in this way, gave another name to the practice: 'Grangerising'.

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