[Printed book, in the series 'Handbooks for the Indian Army'.] Gurkhas. Compiled under the orders of the Government of India by Captain C. J. Morris, 2nd Bn., 3rd Q.A.O. Gurkha Rifles.

Captain C. J. Morris, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Q. A. O. Gurkha Rifles [The British Army in India]
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[Government of India.] Delhi: Manager of Publications. 1933.

[10] + 179pp. Seven fold outs, comprising five tables, a 'Chart showing terms used in Gurkha relationships', and a coloured 'Skeleton Map of Nepal | Showing Distribution of Tribes' ('Published under the direction of Colonel Commandant E. A. Tandy, R.E., Surveyor General of India.') Internally in good condition, lightly aged and worn, in worn binding with black cloth spine and cream boards with printed front cover, which carries the ownership signature of 'Phillips'. Ex Libris of R. A. Scoates on front pastedown.

[Brigadier K. A. Garrett, M.C., Punjab Frontier Force.] Two typed letters signed ('K. A. Garrett') to Brigadier Hector Campbell, regarding the status of Queen Victoria's Own Corp of Guides in the face of 'possible reductions in the Indian Army'

Brigadier K. A. Garrett (1894-1966), M.C., Punjab Frontier Force [Brigadier Hector Campbell (1877-1972), Colonel Queen Victoria’s Own Corps of Guides (Cavalry and Infantry), Fifth Battalion; India]
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'D. O. No. G 2 [G 3]., Mardan [India].' 2 and 12 July 1939.

ONE: 4pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. In reply to two letters from Campbell, Garrett is giving 'definite information'. He begins: 'With regard to possible reductions in the Indian Army, the three Indian Cavalry Regts you mention have been warned for mechanization and not disbandment. They have all sent off men to undergo courses in the driving and maintenance of motor vehicles.

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