[ Scarce Charles Dickens item. ] 'Extraordinary Gazette. Speech of his Mightiness on Opening the Second Number of Bentley's Miscellany, Edited by "Boz.”' [ With engraving by Hablot K. Browne ('Phiz'). ]

[ Charles Dickens as 'Boz'; Hablot K. Browne ('Phiz'); Richard Bentley, London publisher; Bentley's Miscellany. ]
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No publication details. [ London: Bentley, March 1837. ]

4pp., 8vo. Bifolium. Heavily aged and worn, with closed tears at fore-edge of first leaf and at gutter. The first edition (an eight-page edition followed), originally bound into the third number of Bentley's Miscellany, of which Dickens was the editor. Drawing on his experience as a parliamentary reporter, Dickens parodies the State Opening of Parliament. At the end of the main text, in smaller type, he refers to the work which had begun serialisation in the magazine in February of 1837: 'NOTE OF THE REPORTER.

[ Marcus Bourne Huish, editor of the Art Journal and director of the Fine Arts Society. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Marcus B Huish') [ to Arthur Allchin ] regarding 'the Phiz exhibition'.

Marcus Bourne Huish [ Marcus B. Huish ] (1843-1921), author, editor of the Art Journal and first director of the Fine Arts Society
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No place or date. [ London, 1883? ]

1p., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He has been called away at the last moment, and asks him to 'tell Mr. Brown anything that you may have to arrange respecting the Phiz Exhibition'. From the papers of Arthur Allchin. The Athenaeum reported in 1883 that 'Mr. Arthur Allchin, who was an intimate friend of the late Hablot K. Browne, has written an article on his life and work which will appear shortly in the Century Magazine, and will be copiously illustrated from original drawings by " Phiz."'

[ Gordon Browne, noted illustrator of children's books, son of Dickens's illustrator Hablot K. Browne. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Gordon F. Browne') to 'Allchin' [ Arthur Allchin ], agreeing to contribute work (by his father?) to an exhibition.

Gordon Browne [ Gordon F. Browne; Gordon Frederick Browne ] (1858-1932), English artist noted for his illustrations of children's books, son of Dickens's illustrator Hablot Knight Browne
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Martindale, How Town [ i.e. Howtown, Cumbria ], Penrith. 18 July 1883.

2pp., 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. In answer to Allchin's note he gives his consent 'to the Exhibn. being held in October if my brothers also agree to it'. He considers October 'a bad month - the worst in the year', but supposes that 'that has been thought of'. He ends with reference to 'a few sketches that might go'. The Athenaeum reported in 1883 that 'Mr. Arthur Allchin, who was an intimate friend of the late Hablot K.

Autograph Letter Signed "George Halse", sculptor etc, to George Gurney, artist, with news of holiday and his new work (short stories illus. Phiz))

George Halse, artist, sculptor and writer.
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[Printed] 15 Clarendon Road, Notting Hill, W. [London], 21 Oct. 1882.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, sl. staining ( remnants of laying down process on album leaf), good condition. He has sent a copy of his latest book to Gurney ("A Salad of Stray Leaves" (pub. 1882), with illustrations by his friend Phiz, Hablot K. Browne, who died in the year of publication). It's "to be published on Monday. | I find so little todo with the chisel that I am fain to employ my pen." The family is holidaying in Margate, and the air is having a beneficial effect on his son's health.

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