[ William Redmond, Irish nationalist politician who shared a cell with Charles Stuart Parnell. ] Autograph Note Signed offering to send 'a short paper'.

William Redmond [William Hoey Kearney Redmond ] (1861-1917), Irish nationalist politician (born in Liverpool), lawyer, British soldier and Member of Parliament [ Charles Stuart Parnell ]
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Glebrook, Delgany, County Wicklow [ Ireland ]. 22 September [ no year ].

1p., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I am rather busy at present but later on if I can get there I shall be glad to send you a short paper.' In his youth Redmond had resigned his army commission to join the Land League agitation. He was arrested for possessing seditious pamphlets in February 1882, and served three months in Kilmainham, sharing a cell with Charles Stewart Parnell.

[John Baptist Cashel Hoey, Irish journalist, and his wife the novelist Frances Sarah Cashel Hoey.] Five Autograph Letters (four signed) by him, including an original poem, and one Autograph Letter Signed by her, all to Minna Hope-Scott [O'Conor].

John Baptist Cashel Hoey (1828-1892), Irish journalist, his wife Frances Sarah Cashel Hoey [née Johnston] (1830-1908), novelist [Lady Minna O'Conor, wife of Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor]
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His letters on letterheads of the Victoria Office, 8 Victoria Chambers, Westminster, or from 17 Campden Hill Road, between 9 April and 31 August 1887. Her letter from Campden Hill Road, 23 August 1887.

The six items are all in good condition, with light age and wear. Each letter is docketted. Items One to Five below are by John Baptist Cashel Hoey, and Item Six is by his wife. An intimate, affectionate and entertaining correspondence, the background to which is given at the end of this entry. ONE: Signed 'Cashel'. From Campden Hill Road, on cancelled letterhead of 8 Victoria Chambers; 9 April 1887. 2pp., 8vo. The letter is on the first page, and begins: 'I told you last night I knew you had stolen that line, of course unconsciously.

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